Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s world map is “vast and expansive”; Side content doubles as the main quest

Whether it’s new party members or Square Enix’s own mini-games Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth He has a lot going on. Its world is very large, as Cloud and friends search for Sephiroth. In a new interview with PlayStation Blog, director Naoki Hamaguchi said the team emphasized “exploration-focused game design” and wanted to “create that feeling of going on a journey while traveling the world looking for clues to Sephiroth’s movements.”

Like its predecessor, fans can expect to see many familiar locations reimagined in new ways. Regarding the pressure to meet fan expectations, Hamaguchi said: “As well Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth It will take players to different locations around the world, and we needed to recreate the massive game Final Fantasy 7 A world map that would also include places like towns and dungeons within itself.

“To do this, we delved into the feel of each different area and reflected that in the graphics, creating areas that look quite diverse. Furthermore, we designed unique chocobos for each area that have their own abilities (for example the Mountain Chocobo that can climb steep cliffs and the Sky Chocobo (which can fly, etc.), so players will need to use their Chocobo to fully explore each area. I hope players have a lot of fun with this aspect of exploration!

Producer Yoshinori Kitase said the team sought “the right balance between old and new scenes” but also wanted to “take on more new challenges than we did in Final Fantasy 7 remake With some new scenes. I’m confident that these new scenes will be a lot of fun for fans and newcomers alike.

As for the world map, Hamaguchi says it’s “vast and expansive,” so much so that some locations don’t appear in the main story. “In terms of size, how much side content there is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Almost double the content of the main quest.

“Players who want to have fun Final Fantasy 7 The mode on a deeper level can explore all parts of the world, discovering many different and exciting experiences such as new stories, battles and mini-games to play. Best of all, you can return to previous areas, even if the main quest is progressing through an area, so it’s possible to go back and get rid of any remaining content.

This was the case, but Hamaguchi confirmed that player levels and abilities would not transfer between games. “We announced that Final Fantasy 7 The remake project will be a trilogy and each entry will be a standalone game in its own right. For this reason, each game is balanced independently, and player levels and abilities will not carry over from one game to the next. However, fans who have played the previous games will start with some “special rewards.”

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth It will be released on February 29, 2024 on PS5. Head here for more details on the side content available, including the Golden Saucer, and here for more combat details.

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