Faye Farm: How to Catch Fish

Fae Farm has a relaxing fishing mini-game for players to enjoy. This guide explains how it works.

in faye farm, The land of Azoria is wild and full of wonders. Players can farm, fish and cook to their heart’s content – ​​and it’s even more fun with a friend or three. Like other games in this relaxing genre, players may have difficulty understanding the game’s fishing mini-game; This guide will help explain its nuances so players can start showcasing their water collection in no time.

While the hunting mechanics in most games are just heavily inspired by them Stardew Valley‘s, Fay farm It takes some unique steps that set it apart from the competition. The first is the lack of obscurity, as the fish can be seen in all its glory if it is present in a water source. This comes with the drawback of jumping into the water to scare them, but that’s real life if nothing else.

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How to catch fish in Fay Ranch

Fae Farm's fishing minigame is going badly

To fish in Fay farmPlayers must be strategic. The steps for catching the fish are as follows:

  1. Preparing the fishing rod. One of them is unlocked as part of the game’s tutorial.
  2. Approach a river, lake, or shoreline that has some fish nearby with your rod in your hand.
  3. Move the cursor to the desired location until a blue arrow appears. Aim close to the fish’s face to make sure it notices the fish’s voice.
  4. Tap and hold to build energy. Maximum force will place the popper at the tip of the blue arrow.
  5. When the fish encounters the popper, left click to “shake” it. The fish will “lock” to stare at the fish when it becomes interested.
  6. Shake the bobber once or twice until the fish pick up the bait and bite.

With a fish on the line, players shouldn’t panic. Securing your catch is not as difficult as it may seem. Note the fishing line Turning red means It will break Coming soon, so players should stop staggering when the line isn’t white.

  1. When the fish tries to swim away, tap quickly and release to slow it down. Be careful, because if you swim too far, players may be dragged into the water!
  2. When the fish is facing the player, hold down the left click to drag it inward.
  3. Repeat this process until the fish is caught.

When catching fish, players are free to cook, sell, or store them. Some quests require players to catch and sell specific types of fish, so it is recommended to keep at least one of each type in a storage shed. With each fish caught, your fishing XP increases to unlock all kinds of cool rewards later.

Fay farm Available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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