Fantasy Football Week 1: Three WR/CB Showdowns to Target and Avoid | Fantasy football news, rankings and predictions

• WR Calvin Ridley (82.3 PFF preseason offense score), Jacksonville Jaguars: will start a hot start against Indianapolis ColtsSecondary talent exhausted.

• WR JuJu Smith-Schuster (preseason offensive grade 54.3 PFF), New England PatriotsHis pre-season use indicates a full-time role, which is bad news against Philadelphia Eagles.

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Knowing when an NFL wide receiver has an advantageous or disadvantageous match for a cornerback is crucial fantasy football Decisions to start sitting. This article details six players who either start with confidence or are avoided at all costs, thanks in part to their starting defensive counterparts in Week 1.

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WR Calvin Ridley, Jacksonville Jaguars vs CB Darrell Baker Jr., Indianapolis Colts

wide future Calvin Ridley (82.3 preseason PFF offensive score) debuted in Jacksonville against a flailing Indianapolis defense that lost starting perimeter cornerbacks Stephen Gilmore (81.1 coverage score of PFF 2022) f Brandon Fassison (coverage score of 56.0 PFF 2022) in the off-season. Ridley’s wide right alignment rate of 76.5% per snap indicates an undrafted sophomore cornerback Darrell Baker Jr (preseason coverage score of 71.3 PFF) He would take his first regular season snaps against Ridley. Ridley would play a key role in getting Jacksonville to the FanDuel Team total of 25.0 points.

Sterling’s pre-season shows points heading into week one fantasy football Eruption after his gambling-related hiatus for an additional year.

The table below is in brackets Ridley receives the data before the start of the season Among the 160 NFL wide receivers with at least 15 catches and five goals.

Receive NFL Preseason WR Calvin Ridley
pff receive grade 85.8 (#3)
TPRR – YPRR 31.3% (No. 11) – 4.44 (No. 4)
Catch percentage – the percentage of the disputed catch 100.0% (T-No. 1) – 100.0% (T-No. 1)

Baker’s 2021 coverage profile in his final college season at Georgia Southern was probably his single worst coverage performance between a group of five corners.

The table below is in brackets Baker 2021 coverage data Among 126 combinations of five cornerbacks with at least 250 coverage shots.

CB’s coverage of the Group of Five for 2021 Darrell Baker Jr
Degree of coverage of PFF 54.9 (No. 118)
target percentage 24.6% (No. 126)
Squares allowed per cove. pop 1.73 (#119)
15+-Yd Pass Plays Allowed % 3.9% (No. 113)

Ridley vs. Baker is the biggest talent contrast Of all the wide encounters in Week 1 between receiver and quarterback.

Baker was fired by a free agent undrafted for 2021 dallis flowers (preseason coverage score of 65.9 PFF) and a cornerback Kenny Moore II (Pre-season coverage score of 60.3 PFF).

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