Experts say: Get rid of belly fat by eating these healthy foods

Experts say: Get rid of belly fat by eating these healthy foods

Packing it around the middle as we age can dramatically increase our risk of disease, experts say.

But it turns out that the visible bulge that many of us experience, which consists of subcutaneous fat, is not the main cause.

That award goes to the hidden toxic deposits known as visceral fat, buried beneath the surface, crowding our organs and generally creating drama in our bodies over time.

“Visceral fat, unlike subcutaneous fat, accumulates deep within abdominal cavities and poses serious health risks including increased risks of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers,” Nicola Ludlam-Wren of Nic’s Nutrition told iNews.

And while belly fat can be difficult to get rid of — ask anyone who’s tried it — there’s good news about underlying visceral fat. According to the Cleveland Clinic, it’s relatively easy to lose.

Hidden visceral fat, lurking behind muscle and bone, is easier to get rid of than you think. GreatSalack –

This is because this type of fat is metabolized faster, and experts say your body can get rid of it while sweating or urinating. With exercise and diet over two to three months, they promise you will see results.

But diet does not mean deprivation, at least not nowadays. For best results, many nutritionists and doctors agree to keep eating, just eat better. Here are some of their top recommendations for removing unwanted fat.

Kimchi – a miracle food?

Trendy kimchi is known to support weight loss Vodio –

Eating a daily serving of fermented Korean cabbage — now widely available in the United States — can reduce the risk of obesity by 11%, according to a study of nearly 116,000 Koreans published in the journal BMJ Open. Kimchi lovers are more likely to have a smaller waistline, thanks to live obesity-fighting bacteria, the study claims. The ubiquitous spice is “low in calories and rich in dietary fiber, lactic acid bacteria, vitamins and polyphenols,” the researchers said.

What about lean proteins?

White meat, fish, lean red meat, tofu, beans and eggs are all a great idea – as long as you make other positive changes to help you shed the extra pounds, says specialist nutritionist Priya Tew from Dietitians UK.

“I can’t say that there are specific foods that can reduce or prevent belly fat, rather it is a lifestyle. A Mediterranean-style diet has been proven to be beneficial for blood pressure, heart health and our overall health.

Is the Mediterranean diet beneficial for losing belly fat?

“The Mediterranean diet can help reduce visceral fat to safe levels,” said Linus Connolly, clinical services brother at Benenden Health. “This varied diet emphasizes healthy consumption of fruits, green leafy vegetables, healthy fats – such as olive oil, avocado, and nuts (chia + flax seeds) – as well as foods rich in omega-3, such as salmon, tuna, and legumes.” mackerel.”

Teo also recommends eating plenty of fruits and vegetables as part of the diet, seven to nine portions a day, along with nuts, seeds and whole grains.

“Eating this way and staying active will help your body stay healthy in the long run,” she said.

Are there any fatty foods that are good for you?

Avocado is one of the healthy fats that you should eat more of – so you can weigh less. Getty Images/iStockPhoto


Teo says to look at so-called “healthy fats”, such as olives, olive oil and avocados, for example.

Nutritionist and health coach Yasmine Al-Sumait said: “Incorporating fatty fish such as salmon into the diet can be beneficial.”

“Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon has anti-inflammatory properties that may prevent the development of visceral fat. These healthy fats also play a role in regulating hormones and promoting metabolic health.

Greek yogurt – easy to find, it fights fat

Good old Greek yogurt can help support weight loss. Atlas –

“It is rich in probiotics and promotes a healthy gut microbiome, which has been linked to reduced visceral fat,” Al-Sumait said.

“The probiotics found in Greek yogurt may help regulate inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity, which contributes to healthier weight distribution,” she said.

Don’t forget the sauerkraut

Sauerkraut may not be the most trendy food, but it is another fermented gem. Madeleine Steinbach –

Kimchi may be the most popular fermented dance food these days, but there’s nothing wrong with eating good old-fashioned sauerkraut, or fermented German cabbage.

“Sauerkraut can enhance the absorption of nutrients,” Al-Sumait said. “Improving nutrient absorption may support overall health and metabolism, which may influence factors related to visceral fat accumulation.”

A bowl of oatmeal is all it takes

Something as simple as switching to oatmeal for breakfast can do a lot for your health. View –

“You can also try whole-grain foods, such as oats, whole-grain bread, brown rice, and whole-grain pasta, to help reduce visceral fat,” Linus Connolly said. “Increasing the fiber content of your diet will ensure that the protein content is also taken care of. This is because soluble fiber slows down the delivery of food to the intestines, where it is broken down into fatty acids which are a major source of nutrition.

Connolly explained that studies show that soluble fiber can help suppress your appetite, which helps reduce visceral fat.

“Together, whole-grain foods and the Mediterranean diet can help you lose weight and ultimately visceral fat,” she says.

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