Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know

Nintendo Switch Sequel speculation has reached fever pitch despite how little information is available about the long-awaited update to Nintendo’s most popular console ever created. However, in recent months, the ocean of discrete rumors has begun to coalesce into something that could be considered more than just a rumor. At this point, all the hints and insider chatter point to the Switch 2 arriving this year. How and in which state? Well, this is where things get a little more complicated.

Will key 2 be stronger than key 1?

There’s not much to say about how powerful the upcoming Switch is, but we do have an idea what type of screen it will have. Some more realistic reports from industry analysts have indicated that a Nintendo Switch sequel will be 8 inch LCD screen. Compare that to the Switch’s regular 6.2-inch LCD screen, which is a huge bump. However, some fans will likely be disappointed that the next console will not maintain… Beautiful OLED toggle, 7 inch organic display.

The LCD screen was likely a way to cut costs, which served First switch Well when buyers have to consider spending upwards of $500 for a new Xbox Series However, there are still other portable consoles such as OLED vapor surface It will have an edge over everything coming out of Nintendo.

The next console can still interact much like the old one with the hybrid cartridge and online download system that served the first Switch so well, at least according to outlets like VGC And Eurogamer. It points to backward compatibility, which will be a big incentive for current Switch owners.

However, that doesn’t mean the Switch 2 will be as cheap as its predecessor. Note tip Zippo He claimed it could cost around $400, which is $100 more than you could get the first key for. It’s still less than the two largest and most expensive devices, but it will now cost more than Xbox Series S. Instead, it will cost the same as a basic LCD Steam Deck.

When will Nintendo finally reveal the Switch 2?

Noted gaming rumormonger Nate Drake of the ResetEra forums told members of the Game & Talk podcast that the Switch 2 will finally see the light of day during a new Nintendo Direct that will debut sometime in March. It still seems loose, even though Nate Drake has been grinding in the rumor mill for a while

Nintendo Direct Rumors, Zelda Sales Disappointing?, Switch 2 Timing | Game and talk No. 16

“Everything I’m hearing dating back to Gamecom last year suggests something is going to happen in March,” he told the podcast.

Nintendo will likely announce this console along with some new stream or game launch from Nintendo Direct. Nintendo insider Jeff Grubb has claimed that the popular Japanese gaming company will hold its first live show of the year on February 14. tweet. This makes sense, especially since Nintendo’s first Direct release of 2023 also took place in February, but that doesn’t mean we’ll see an announcement for the console as early as this month. Drake said the upcoming Direct will focus on third-party titles instead, with March opening up to focus on Nintendo’s slate.

Mario’s dad could also announce his own console during the media push for the next big game release. The only first party address on the list is Princess Peach: Showtime!, which is scheduled to be released on March 22. Although this is a new title for a core character in the company’s most profitable franchise, it doesn’t have the full global appeal of a new Mario platformer like last year. Super Mario Bros Wonder That would add no pomp to a new console reveal or — hell — even a teaser.

When is the Switch sequel supposed to be released?

If Nintendo opts for a Q1 2024 announcement, it would seem relatively early compared to the expected launch date. Nintendo has previously made it clear that the Switch 2 won’t do this Debuting in 2023. However, the company had nothing to say about the upcoming console in its latest release Quarterly financial report Released last Wednesday. Instead, the company noted how device sales declined by about 8% annually. This was despite the Switch becoming the best-selling console ever during its seven-year lifespan, with a total of 139.36 million units sold as of the end of last year.

Most rumors indicated that there would be a Switch sequel as well Seeing the light in the second half of this year. These rumors date back to July 2023, and were strengthened after the news Some developers had the opportunity to showcase the new console In several closed meetings at Gamescom.

This won’t necessarily have a Christmas release, as speculation has consistently suggested it may be available for pre-order in August or September. This could coincide with Rumored PlayStation 5 Pro modelwhich will be a big step forward compared to the PS5’s original internals with ray tracing upgrades and better CPU and GPU specifications.

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