Emmett Shear, the new CEO of OpenAI, has a history of social media liberation

Emmett Shear, the new CEO of OpenAI, has a history of social media liberation

OpenAI has been hit by dramatic executive shake-ups since Friday, and the appointment of an interim CEO only adds fuel to the fire.

Emmett Sherr, co-founder of the live streaming platform Twitch, said early Monday that he had been named interim CEO of the artificial intelligence company. Since leaving Twitch in March, Cher has taken a freewheeling approach to social media, criticizing Microsoftcommenting on gender policies and even participating in a discussion about Sam Altman’s firing by OpenAI before he was hired.

Sherr replaces Altman, who was fired by the company’s board on Friday. Altman was hired Monday by Microsoft, which has a partnership with OpenAI, and more than 700 of OpenAI’s 770 employees have threatened to leave and join Microsoft unless OpenAI’s board resigns and Altman is reinstated.

Cher said in March that he had retired from Twitch to spend time with his newborn son, but since the move, he has become a part-time partner at venture capital firm Y Combinator — which Altman led as CEO less than a decade ago. Scheer also previously benefited from Y Combinator’s seed round in 2005, when he was still in college and successfully rolled out a calendar app, which he later sold. Cher later co-founded Twitch, originally a one-person streaming platform called Justin.tv, and was its CEO for 12 years.

Scheer’s appointment as interim CEO of OpenAI has already generated some excitement Cash From technologists and commentators, who questioned the due diligence involved in the appointment, given his presence on social media.

As of Monday, Cher’s bio on X lists his role at OpenAI. Just a few hours ago, he said in his bio: “I’m very opinionated about the most random things—.” Shear’s number of followers on

Shear has posted more than 10,000 times on X over the past year, making up the vast majority of his post history, according to a graph he posted. Made and published. Most of his posts were replies, and among those replies were a few of his posts.’ Threads – Such as “rape fantasies/non-consent” and The role of CEOswhich he described as “highly automatable” – drew attention online.

Many of Shear’s 10,000 posts over the past year respond to people asking questions and feedback about societal and technological issues, including topics such as sex, dating, artificial intelligence, social justice, and the tech industry. Shear’s posts on X received relatively little attention before last week.

In his post announcing his new role, Scheer wrote: “I took this job because I believe OpenAI is one of the most important companies out there.” He said he spent the day speaking with board members, investors and OpenAI employees, writing: “It is clear that the process and communications surrounding Sam’s removal were extremely poorly handled, severely damaging our confidence.”

Scheer was posting on X about people involved with OpenAI just days before he took over as its interim leader. Scheer responded on Friday, the day Altman was ousted Mimi About OpenAI’s chief scientist, Ilya Sutskever, co-founder and board member, who was involved in the decision to fire Altman and Then he apologized. The meme described Sutskever as a “ruthless Machiavelli” who planned a coup at OpenAI. “Haters are the best marketers,” Cher responded in part.

1 day ago, Published the story It seems to agree with a New Statesman article that suggested automating CEOs — replacing their jobs with automated tools. “Most CEO jobs (and the majority of most executive jobs) are highly automatable. “There are, of course, occasional key decisions that you can’t replace,” he wrote. “Of course this means you can’t really ‘replace’ a CEO, but I think we will see management shift to operation.” automation at scale, leading to more scaled and dynamic organizations.”

He told Until he answered What parts of a CEO’s job does he think can be automated, writing “communication, spotting problems and opportunities, identifying talent, and constructive feedback.” In response to the assertion that the CEO is the “human embodiment” of the brand for customers, investors and employees, Scheer shot down Link To the popular Twitch V-Tuber – a 3D digital avatar managed by a real person.

Previously, Sherr was involved in X with people formulating thought experiments about artificial intelligence. In responses to reconnaissance Targeting people in the AI ​​community (many people, inside and outside the tech industry, have been interested in posting about the cutting-edge technology), Shear He wrote that “People aren’t afraid enough to cut paper.”

The term “paper cut” refers to theories of artificial intelligence destroying humanity. In the ensuing discussion, Cher wrote“The Nazis were very evil, but I would rather have actual Nazis control the world forever than flip a coin at the end of every value.”

The issue of artificial intelligence safety, to publish Monday is “important”.

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