East Texas Fishing Report: February 16, 2024 | Sports

Tyler – slow. stained with water; 52 degrees; 0.37 feet above the pool. Fishing should be good over the next few weeks as the fish begin to spawn. The catfish descends very slowly from the barge into 16 feet of water using the liver. Crappie are spread to good in 4-10 feet of water in the creek bottom with minnows and jigs. Slow bluegill are very slow with only a few catches on red worms. Bass are slow on crankbaits, black trick worms, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits starting in 6 feet of water. Report by Paul Taylor, Rocks at Lake Tyler.

Palestine – Good. Plain water stain. 54-58 degrees. 0.50 feet above the pool. Crappie are being held with most fish between 8 and 18 feet long. Spawn started and they are pushing into the banks more and more every day. Water temperature 54-58 degrees. The bite is good on jigs and minnows. Largemouth bass are in 2-10 feet of water and spawning right now. Traditional plastics found in crawfish and critter baits work best. Sandbass push river and creek spawn as well. The bite is good on small bladed jigs. Reported by Sam Parker, Freshwater Fishing Adventures. The lake level is rising rapidly but the water temperature is still below 60 degrees. The runoff current has turned on a catfish bite using cut bait and stinkbaits rigged along the creek channels entering the lake. The white bass bite has slowed due to flooded creeks and cold water, but should be better when runoff slows. Jim Bigerly reports, Jim’s Fishing.

Fork – good. stained with water; 52-58 degrees. 0.08 feet below the pool. The lake level is high due to recent rains. Bass have been pulled in the shallow water biting chatter and spinnerbaits in 1-4 feet around any weed or visible cover. Texas rigs with creature type baits and Strike King Ochos are good around the grass as well. Reported by Mark Mitchell, Lake Fork Guide Service. Black bass move shallow for an early spawn, and the most active bite will be up front. Streamers work in 1-8 feet of water depending on water temperature. Crappie will move toward the banks, and small patterns like the woolly bugger are a good bet. Bream will also move to warmer water, and a woolly bugger will be a good option. Reported by guide Alex Guthrie, Fly Fish Fork Guide Service. Lake Fork has not rebounded from the recent cold snap. The fish are stacked in some areas, but the lake is currently being caught in small quantities. Find the right area and you can load the boat. The fish can be found in 5-65 feet of water. Water temperatures have rebounded nicely and we are seeing temperatures near 50 degrees on the main lake and you can find some water in the low 50s in the shallow creek areas away from the wind. They will bite almost anything you drop at them but you have to be patient and keep this bait on the fish for a while before they bite. Minnows, small hand jigs, and soft plastics all work. Reported by Jackie Wiggins, Jackie Wiggins Guide Service.

Lake Oh the Pines – Fair. stained with water; 58 degrees; 2.31 feet above pool. Crappie are fair drift fishing using minnows or jigs that are showing some fish shallow. Catfish are good in water 15-20 feet deep on bait holes with cheese baits. Sand bass are excellent fish starting to make their annual spring runs up the creeks so bring out your tail spinners or Mr. Hurricanes. Report by Marty Thomas, Lake O’ the Pines Crappie Fishing. Bass are good on Rayburn red-lipped crankbaits, or any shade of green chatterbaits in the shallow water north of the Texas State Highway 155 bridge. Fish continue to dig deep on points near the dam slowly using jigging spoons, drop shots, or jigging spoons. , or Alabama rigs, or red bell traps. Report by Mike Stroman, R&R Marine. Crappie are good in 18-25 feet on creek channel swings and standing timber on jigs and minnows. Bass are good in 20-25 feet on jigs, Carolina rigs, Alabama rigs, and Texas rigs. Report by Casey Tilley, Fish Perfect Guides & Outfitters.

Hawkins – slow. The water is slightly stained. 50 degrees. Series Pickerel are active shallow in lily pads and around brush and grass. Black bass will feed and visit shallow water on warm banks and creeks. Try imitating small baitfish with barbed hooks. Fish calm the sunny banks. Reported by guide Alex Guthrie, Fly Fish Fork Guide Service.

Jacksonville – Slow. The water is slightly stained. 55 degrees 0.43 feet above the pool. The lake is still stained, but not as muddy as it used to be. Bass are biting less deeply and are now working on moving baits such as crankbaits, swimbaits and chatterbaits.

Kadu – fair. stained with water; 61 degrees; 1.81 feet above pool. We’ve had a warmer than usual February and some female bass have been moving up and around the trees. Target these fish in 3 feet of water using an exotic worm, fluke or chatterbait. There should still be a huge wave waiting in the pad stems and around the grass waiting for the March full moon to move up, so use search baits such as rattlesnake traps, spinnerbaits, chatter baits or even swim jigs. Just cover the water and you will find bass. Get ready because this is the time to come and experience the lake God spoke of and catch the fish of a lifetime. Report submitted by Vince Richards, Caddo Lake Fishing & Fellowship.

Athens – fair. The water is clear; 50-55 degrees. 0.54 feet above the pool. The water is clear in the main lake and slightly stained in the creeks. Bass are good using red rattle traps around the 6-12 foot grass flats, jerk baits on windy points, and shaky-headed worms on deep grass, all catching quality fish. Expect the fishing to continue to improve with longer days and warmer weather.

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