Duolingo is set to broaden its horizons with its upcoming music lessons

Duolingo’s latest trick is teaching you how to play music


  • Following the success of its play-based approach to learning, Duolingo is expanding its offering beyond language lessons and adding music lessons to its app.
  • The new music lessons will be similar to language lessons, teaching users the notes and prompting them to answer questions.
  • Music lessons will be integrated into the Duolingo Math app, but it’s unclear how Android users will be able to access them. More details may be revealed at the next conference.

Duolingo is well known for its popular language learning app, which offers language lessons in bite-sized portions. Its interactive lessons build on gameplay without taking away from learning, and Duolingo has since expanded into teaching math and reading. To add to this, Duolingo will soon start offering music lessons as well.

Duolingo has announced that it will be adding a music aspect to its app that will offer hundreds of bite-size lessons (via Engadget). Created from a library of over 200 songs, these lessons play with educational apps in the same way that reading, math, and language do. This coincides with a job posting from earlier this year, which indicated that the company is developing an app that includes music lessons. We can see that it works similarly to its language app by teaching users how to make notes and having them answer questions.

Duolingo plans to unveil the app at its Duocon conference on October 11, an annual event that discusses updates about the company and its future plans. This year’s conference theme will be “Duo Re Me: Music the Duolingo way” presented by Vanessa Jameson. Jameson is the Director of Engineering at Duolingo and co-founded and led the development of the company’s new music cycle. This announcement will be the fourth topic of the conference and will come immediately after the discussion on artificial intelligence.

Duolingo Math is the app that will house Duolingo’s new music lessons, according to Duolingo co-founder and CTO Severin Hacker. Duolingo Math is available on the App Store but it hasn’t made it to Android yet. No mention was made of how Android users would benefit from the Music app if it shares space with the math app. In the Duolingo Music trailer, the company only says that math and music will be together, but there’s no date when Android users will have access to the new features. Hopefully more will be shared on the Android side of things at the conference.

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