Diablo 4 GM emphasizes the game’s “Yearly Expansions”.

published: 2023-09-05T15:43:12

updated: 2023-09-05T18:41:27

In a recent interview with Dexerto, Diablo 4 general manager Rod Fergusson confirmed that Blizzard is working on “annual expansions” for the game.

Since the launch of Diablo 4, players have been asking for more. The Malignant’s season has helped beat the players down and give them a new chase. It allows players to go out into the world and put up a new character to search for new builds.

However, while these run as seasonal releases, like the upcoming Season 2, players are hungry for more exciting expansions. Diablo 2’s Lord of Destruction and Diablo 3’s Reaper of Souls expansion have been hugely popular, and there are already growing expectations for Diablo 4 to match those expectations.

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Especially with the story interrupted in the campaign, players are hoping to see this continuation in the future. However, although we know there are multiple expansions in the works, it wasn’t clear when to expect this.

However, we probably know now. In a recent interview with Dexerto, Diablo GM Rod Fergusson said that the game will get “yearly expansions.”

Blizzard plans to support Diablo for years to come

In our interview, Ferguson asked us how long the team would be planning for Diablo 4. In return, Ferguson cited “quarterly seasons” and “annual expansions” which give us a taste of how Blizzard thinks about the Diablo calendar.

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Here is the full exchange:

Patrick Dean: This is a broader question – how long will Diablo 4’s future last? How far does that vision go? You know, we just finished the launch process, which had this really cool intensive campaign. And now we’re in for the seasonal stuff, so how long will that live?

Rod Ferguson: Yeah, I mean, that’s obviously like a length of a piece of string.

BD: exactly.

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RF: But, you know, it’s years and years. This is the thing we focus on. When you look at the launch of the game and this first season, we see that as building a foundation that we can build on for the future. So, When we look at our quarterly seasons, we look at our annual expansionsThose are the things we really focus on in our live service.

We have plans, and we have stories that are going well for the future. We have plans. We’re always going beyond our seasons, we’re always going beyond our expansions, so that’s something we’ll be doing for a long time. was excited.

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When you look back and realize there were 11 years between D3 and D4, it feels like we didn’t live up to our players and our community and what they deserve. And that’s something we’re correcting at D4 with our seasons and expansions.

With four quarter seasons and an expansion roughly every year, Diablo 4 seems to be aiming for a similar cadence to Destiny 2. And Bungie has pretty much stuck with that, despite delaying expansions in the past. Of course, Diablo 4’s matchup with Destiny 2 is pure speculation on our part.

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Depending on this, game development can change, and this is likely just an expected release schedule. However, from this statement it appears that Blizzard may be aiming for the expansion in the summer of next year. This would bring it in line with the year since the game was released.

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