‘Destiny 2’ secret portal offers clues to Vex ring after Final Form

‘Destiny 2’ secret portal offers clues to Vex ring after Final Form

While we’ve officially finished Destiny 2’s main Season of Wish story, something happened this week that’s probably more interesting than the entire “how do we get through the portal” plot of the season itself.

This will be the grand finale of the Starcrossed quest, which takes place in Ahamkara’s lair within the Black Garden. For four weeks, players have been slowly making their way towards the portal at the end of the final boss room. Inside is the last Starcat to complete the challenge, but more pressingly, an Ishtar Collective logo made of Vex construction.

There’s no accompanying voice work or lore books to discover, but they’re clearly there for a reason, and what they feel is a hint towards a Vex story to come. Specifically, the events of the first episode after Final Shape, which we’re told focuses on Vex. Previously, Bungie’s writers also mentioned that the Vex seemed ripe for further exploration, since they’re probably the least fleshed out faction thus far.

For this development, we’ve already gotten a bunch of theories from players and it’s caught the attention of our favorite guru, MyNameisByf, who released a quick video about it. Here’s a refresher on what you need to know about the Ishtar Group, their study of the Vex and how they ended up inside the Black Garden to craft a symbol like this.

  • The Ishtar group studied the Goblin Vex, which ended up mimicking a few hundred copies of them in reality. This situation alarmed the group who realized they were most likely a simulation. They eventually turned to Rasputin, who extracted all copies of the Seekers from the Vex.
  • The “real” versions of the team, including Maya Sundaresh and Chioma Esi, would go to Neptune to establish the Neomuna colony, which we learned in Lightfall, was powered by The Veil, the umbrella body that the Vex was trying to build a clone of using the Black Heart.
  • The extracted copies of Team Ishtar were placed in the Vex network to explore and search there to find secrets to aid humanity in its battle against the Vex.
  • The clones contacted Praedyth, a member of Kabr’s fireteam missing from the Vault of Glass. Others ended up finding their way to the Black Garden itself.
  • The idea is that some clone studied the Black Garden and tried to gain an advantage over the Vex loyal to the Witness, the Sol Divisive.
  • Back on Neomuna, Maya Sundaresh conducted numerous experiments with Vex and Veil technology, eventually creating Lakshmi-2 with her partial memories. But she was later found dead in a Veil interface seat, and it is unclear what exactly happened, and where her original consciousness may have been.

So, what does all this mean? This means that copies of the team in the Black Garden may be responsible for this code, which means we may be able to meet them in a future Vex episode. This also opens up the possibility of a reunion with Praedyth, if that’s who the clones also found at some point, and Bungie likes to bring back its lost characters in various forms. After all, Saint-14 has gone from whispering legend to Trials seller.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that Maya Sundaresh has a big role to play in the future here, given the mystery surrounding her death, her use of The Veil and her study of the Vex. My theory is that the Vex lacked a face and a voice for a very long time, meaning that creating a true “villain” for the Vex with a real personality was next to impossible. But what about Vex created by Maya Sundaresh? While her outer copy Lakshmi-2 is dead, the original Maya is likely gone somewhereAnd if she returns, I mean, I can’t think of a better voice antagonist than Lakshmi actress Shohreh Aghdashloo, who I bet will return for this role.

So, all we have now is just speculation, but I think the Ishtar symbol is a clear hint about where we’re headed in the first episode, with a bunch of possibilities for what that could mean. Looking forward to it.

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