“Destiny 2” does its weekly wishes and rewards completely wrong

“Destiny 2” does its weekly wishes and rewards completely wrong

Destiny 2 is currently running a weekly quest for a month and a half, offering rewards to players for completing long lists of quests. good Rewards, which are Red Frontier raid weapons, exotic items, and items. But the way they do it is just…incorrect.

What’s clear from looking at the loot is that this will be the most rewarding, by far, for casual or free-to-play players. The reward is basically a bachelor A raid weapon made for five weeks of grinding, or some exotic item from Lightfall year that you don’t actually have to pay for like in F2P, but no doubt all paying players already have it.

But the goals for this are only informal. They are not necessarily difficult In and of themselves, but they’re brutal to the point where they truly represent Destiny’s worst goals, a kind of microcosm of the game as a whole. Below is the data list of all challenges:

  • Week 1: Complete public events in the Dreaming City, including other activities such as Lost Sectors, Blind Heroic Wells, and Last Wish Raid encounters.
  • Week 2: Opening bullish boxes.
  • Week 3: Defeat 1,600 fighters in Legendary or Master Lost Sectors.
  • Week 4: Complete Level 3 of The Hidden Well and 1,500 objectives in The Hidden Well.
  • Week 5: Defeat 80 captured bosses.
  • Week 6: Complete the Prophecy Dungeon.

In another game, we may see these Wish Token rewards as weekly login rewards during the dead period of the game. But telling casual players or F2P players that they can log in and get some of the stuff they lost, but they have to kill 1,600 enemies in the lost sectors or kill 80 captured bosses is crazy. Again, not difficult, but ridiculous. Destiny grinds at its worst, refusing to even be a little A bit generous without making players jump through endless annoying hoops.

The idea here seems to be to maximize playtime as much as possible, but I don’t see how that works for the group of players you’re trying to attract with something like this. Tell them that for once they might be able to get one copy of something useful that they don’t have, but for a fee bachelor Meta raid weapon they have to do five of those six weeks? Come here.

Again, this doesn’t affect me. I have almost all of these things already, so I don’t bother with it at all. But most of these goals are ridiculous, and Bungie doesn’t seem to understand what kind of player it should attract with this type of content.

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