Destiny 2 Dawning God Roll weapons you need to farm

Destiny 2 Dawning God Roll weapons you need to farm

Destiny 2’s The Dawning is back for the billionth time, but finally, there are some really interesting spins worth farming on some weapons, thanks to a new one and some perks placed on old weapons.

So, while you’re collecting spirit, cookie dust, and whatever other materials I’m forgetting, here are the items I’ll be specifically picking out this time, and some of my best rolls. I’ve already done the Glaciochasm process, but I’ll redo it for this list here.

Albedo Pavilion (Glaive Arch)

This is the new weapon for this season, and is the second heavy-hitting aggressive weapon in the game alongside the Seraph season that you can’t get anymore unless Banshee sells it. Bungie announced that it can handle the new tracking feature Lighthouse Tours. Except that sucks on glaives. Trust me, it’s not worth it at all, and it doesn’t synergize with melee.

but what? My choice here for the best roll is Grave Robber/Close to Melee. These synergize very well, given the focus on melee but also the ability to refill ranged shots on melee kills to motivate Close to Melee in the first place. On the contrary? No, I can’t really say I care much for the other wraps, although some might like something paired with them Demolition (Which does not work to kill melee).

Avalanche (solar-powered machine gun)

You know, this is probably the most interesting option overall given how many different good perk combinations you can get. Want to clear mobs? Contour/glowing It’s going to be a blast, pun intended. For ongoing damage, that would be it Rewind Rounds/Target Lock or Vorpal, I’m not entirely sure which one is better after Target Lock was nerfed recently (although Vorpal was nerfed a while ago as well). But the rewind on an MG like this is very, very good. If you absolutely hate reloading, maybe Autoload/Lock Target or Vorpal instead of. There is also synergy with A Statistics for all/one for all To clear mobs as well. But wait! Glowing procs stats for everyoneSo it can be fun. But subsistence might be better. Like I said, there are a lot of options for this one.

Glaciochasm (Gun void fusion)

Do you want an Eremite vacuum? Well, here you go. Glaciochasm has now been given the advantage controlled explosion, And you can have it too Transgression, which means a lot of constant high-impact damage to bosses, and synergy with void builds. For PvP instead, the old roll of Under pressure/high impact reserves Still there. Although you can do too Under pressure/eye of the storm or fragile focus also. or, Slide shot It is also the first column option.

(Photo not found because I deleted all my photos)

Cold front (kinetic sprinkler)

Look, I’ll be honest, I hate this thing. But fine. For PvE, Subsistence/agitation or agitation. for the crucible, Press the trigger or perpetual motion/rangefinder. here you are. eloquent.

Stay Frosty (Stagnation Pulse Gun)

This is last year’s weapon, and it’s… good. Enlightened Work/Tombstone It’s a lot of fun in PvE, although there are probably better Headstone Pulse Rifles. crucible, Moving target/kill clip, I suppose so, but I don’t think that would be the main thing for anyone out there.

Zephyr (Stagnation Sword)

Select the first column and then Cold steelConsidering that this is the only sword he can roll. He can also power up regular boring sword combos like Relentless Blows/Whirlwind BladeAs if you didn’t already have ten swords, though.

I think you can tell that I think the first three are much better than the second three, as I’m not sure I’d bother with them. I got the avalanche snow I wanted, and now I’m trying to do a set of avalanche rolls. We’ll see how it goes. Remember not to concentrate until you’ve unlocked each of Eva’s dual perk options.

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