Deon Sanders tells Colorado players to bask in new lights

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Smith talks about the impact of Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes on college football.

BOULDER, Colorado – Deion Sanders wants his players to read all those stories about how great they are. He wants them to soak up every bit of the spotlight, too.

the The Colorado coach is not the type to keep his players on the ground. He’d rather they fly high, which they did after they upset heavy favorite TCU last weekend and jump into the AP Top 25 Poll at No. 22.

The unorthodox Sanders has proven to be a major motivator. He is not about running away from publicity, good or bad, but enjoying it and taking “receipts” – his term for those who don’t believe – if need be.

“They (the players) saw that, man, all we have to do is win. Do you see all the attention we’re getting?” “Now it’s been recorded,” Sanders said Tuesday as he prepares for his home debut in Colorado this weekend against Nebraska. “These guys, they know now that if we just go out, we’ll get the love we want. And that’s all they want. They want attention and focus and a little love and light. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as they use it the right way.”

Sanders has a Buffaloes shot at the center of the college football world this week thanks to a 45-42 win in that time. 17 tcu. However, they were already there when he caused a stir with his roster overhaul – nearly 90 new players – and ruffled some feathers across the country.

His revamped menu is sure to be bought. And also, we also have some big names all over the sporting world, the likes Magic Johnson, Patrick Mahomes II And GG Watt Take notice on social media.

So, too, have the odds makers, who have adjusted the streak on Colorado’s win total from 3.5 at the start of the season to 5.5 — half a win shy of bowl eligibility.

The early success in Boulder comes as no surprise to Sanders, a two-time Super Bowl winner during his Hall of Fame career who turned things around at Jackson State before arriving in Boulder.

“I’m a winner,” said Sanders, who managed the team that won 1-11 last season. “We’ll end up winning.”

Colorado’s quick turnaround also comes as no surprise to new Nebraska coach Matt Rule, whose team trails by 2.5 points after losing its opener to Minnesota.

“He’s been successful in everything he’s done in football, so he’s already successful here,” Roll said. “They have elite players.”

The Buffaloes march to Sanders’ optimistic drum, which frequently falters when other coaches might stumble. Like this summer, when he warned his team not to get into a skirmish at camp. He wanted to see them support each other.

This week the Buffaloes will unite in not wearing any shade of red. He wants them to see only red on the football field come Saturday when they face a former conference opponent (they were in the same conference for over 60 years before Nebraska moved to the Big Ten and Colorado to the Pac-12 in 2011).

“We don’t like Nebraska,” said Colorado quarterback Cheddar Sanders. “It’s simple.” “But that won’t change the preparation or anything like that, because we prepare as if nobody likes us, because we know we’ll play the best game for everyone.”

TCU has certainly seen Colorado at its best. None more than Shedeur Sanders, who ran a school-record 510 yards rushing on his way to being named Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week. After the game, he received a text from Tom Brady, a great QB who has worked with the younger Sanders in the past.

Brady’s message: Don’t settle.

“It was great listening for him, knowing he’s still watching and things like that,” Sanders said. “Just working with him, really helped me understand – don’t focus on the good things. … focus on the bad things, focus on the things we couldn’t do at a high level. So improve on that.”

Sounds like something his father might say.

Deon Sanders racked up a long list of accomplishments against the Horned Frogs, a team that was favored by three touchdowns. Among his honors are:

  • Cornerback/receiver Travis Hunter rarely leaves the field on his way to becoming the first player in at least 20 years nationally to have a 100-yard reception and interception in the same game.

  • Dylan Edwards caught five passes for 135 yards and three touchdowns.

  • His son, a QB, has set nine school records (“Cordell Stewart told me I wasn’t happy about it,” Sanders joked about the former Colorado star).

“What that means is we have some gentlemen who can play this game,” Sanders said. “But that doesn’t mean anything happened this week. A whole new focus and a whole new understanding of what’s at stake.”

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