Deion Sanders’ dual recruiting style makes the CU Buffs look like the CU Bluffs

Deion Sanders’ dual recruiting style makes the CU Buffs look like the CU Bluffs

Colorado coach Deion Sanders looks on against Utah during the second quarter of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Nov. 25, 2023, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Rob Gray)

CU Bluffs or CU Buffs? If Deion Sanders isn’t careful, Ralphie will become college football’s version of the Dallas Cowboys. Eighty percent hat, 20 percent cattle. Hated by half the country.

“There’s definitely reason to be concerned,” Brandon Hoffman, national recruiting editor at 247Sports, told me Monday.

For all of Coach Prime’s sins as a stretcher, strategist, personnel builder, closer, and pitchman? Nobody does it better.

“We already know what’s going to happen,” Sanders said after the 4-8 season ended with a dismal 23-17 loss to Utah. “You’ll be happy with what’s to come. I promise.”

What makes it even more curious is that the viral CU recruiting headlines over the past 48 hours haven’t been about who’s coming… but who’s going.

On Monday, the Buffs lost their highest-ranking QB commitment in the 24th class, Danny O’Neill. The day before, they lost their No. 1 signal-caller in ’25, Georgia’s four-star prospect Antwan Hill.

As of Nov. 1, the Buffs had three commitments from the ’25 class, including Hill. By noon on November 27, they had nothing.

There is something. Something other than Ryan Staub’s rating.

Context: O’Neal is Sean Lewis’ guy, the latest indication yet that CU’s title-only offensive coordinator is likely to follow Tim Brewster out the door, another victim of Pat Shurmur’s pencil-throwing baffling rise to power.

Lest we forget, Lewis left an FBS head coaching job — a tough one at Kent State, where he went to two bowls over five seasons — to come to Boulder in the first place. His name is being whispered in Big Ten circles as an offensive coordinator candidate for big boy jobs and as a potential head coach option for a middleweight division like Indiana.

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