Critical Failure: The Baldur’s Gate 3 streamer is destroyed after rotating several nat 1s in succession

Critical Failure: The Baldur’s Gate 3 streamer is destroyed after rotating several nat 1s in succession

Eliana Bolati

Luality, a Baldur’s Gate 3 player, was stunned after rolling four Nat 1s in a row, which is impressive bad luck, considering the odds of such a streak are 1 in 160,000.

Every BG3 player has had a bad roll or two during their time in the game, but few have had as bad luck as Luality.

The streamer shared a video of her trying to open a safe, and failed miserably not once or twice, but four times in a row.

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“Wait. Did you just roll a critical three times in a row? “I think the game is telling me to move on,” she asked her stream, before laying down on the ground and announcing.

And if three of them weren’t enough, she rolled for a fourth time, receiving another critical failure for her troubles.

Her initial thought was that there must be a mistake, an understandable reaction – the odds of four natural 1s appearing in a row are 1 in 160,000.

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But her fifth roll of the dice netted her a 12, proving that the odds were against her.

It’s a streak of bad luck, no doubt, but it’s also an impressive feat to randomly land such a rare set of spins.

Many stream viewers suggested the game’s Karmic Dice option as a way to avoid RNG issues.

The Karmic Dice option in Baldur’s Gate 3 is turned on by default and allows players to avoid failure streaks, like the one Luality experienced, while still keeping rolls random.

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BG3’s publishing director, Michael Doss, talked about Karmic Dice on Twitter in August, comparing the feature to a friendly direct message at your table.

There has been mixed reaction from the community about the Karmic Dice option, where one player runs the numbers and finds that it can punish those playing tank builds.

However, if you find yourself experiencing luck like Luality’s, it may be worth making sure the option is turned on.

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