Construction worker made more than $12,000 in a week after she decided to start ‘shaking the hornet’s nest’ – OutKick

Construction worker made more than $12,000 in a week after she decided to start ‘shaking the hornet’s nest’ – OutKick

Mason Darcy Richards got her start in bricklaying from her father. He was a builder himself and passed this knowledge on to his children, including his content creator daughter.

The 28-year-old, from Norfolk, England, used her career to get into content creation. Before launching OnlyFans, she spent four or five years building a following through syndicated content.

She felt like her bricklaying content was starting to get stale and wasn’t progressing any further, so she decided to spice things up. That’s when Richards changed gears.

I went from doing the same content creation over and over to becoming an OnlyFans creator. The key expanded its content and added it to her bank account.

“I thought: ‘I want to make more money. What can I do that will completely rock the hornet’s nest?'” she told the New York Post. “So I thought I’d start an OnlyFans page myself.”

The career change from construction worker to content creator has been a rewarding one

The move has paid off for Richards. Although she admits that the transition was not easy. In her first week on OnlyFans she received a bunch of hate, but she learned to block it out just as much as the hate she received for her constructive content.

The money she was making helped. She makes around $20k a month on OnlyFans. With her best week yet, according to the New York Post, she earned $12,340.

Needless to say, this was enough for Richards to turn her attention to content creation full-time. Although she didn’t quite leave her first love, bricklaying, behind. She still spends two days a week on the job site.

Her family has been supportive of her transition from working full-time to creating OnlyFans content full-time. “Darcy hasn’t changed one bit in herself,” Richards’ mother said of her career change.

“She’s still our daughter, and she’s still exactly the same as before, except that she’ll disappear into her bedroom for three or four hours, and then (earn) five times as much as the boys who were toiling for her did,” she continued. On the construction site.”

This does not mean that the mother does not have some concerns, but these concerns will have to wait. Richards is in content mode with the goal of making enough money to put away her phone and live a comfortable life (maybe do some construction work somewhere).

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