Connecticut Fishing Report – September 14, 2023

Connecticut Fishing Report

Matt, that Black Hall Merchants in Westbrook He told me the fall run continued to glow this week, with more birds and more fish striking small baits. There are peanut bunkers, silversides, and small bedfish all over the Eastern Sound fueling some epic albacore blitzes. Albies have been caught in most of the usual rips and reefs throughout the sound, although they do move around a bit from day to day. If you put in some time and/or cover some ground, you should find some solid stuff. If you choose bass music, you should still be able to find plenty of great striped bass notes that you’ll want to play along to. There are still plenty of big bunker schools feeding some blitzes on larger fish. Large bass are also being used on GT rigs, large topwater plugs, and large spoons. Bluefish of all sizes continue to be plentiful as well, with attacks from larger fish throughout the strait, and great snapper action in the tributaries. The pace of shell fishing has slowed, but sea bass activity has picked up in slightly shallower water, say 40-50 feet deep. Scuba fishing is still as strong as ever, so there is plenty of bottom fishing to hold down the fort until the full fall attacks take off.

Matt Stone of Black Hall Outfitters fished this smaller amberjack out of a kayak while searching for albie earlier this week. (@sunrisekayakfishing)

Heather from Blackhawk sport fishing They reported having a great week of fall-like fishing, despite temperatures that looked more like summer. There were loads of porgies around the boat and a nice mix of sea bass too. Their after-work special last Friday was another hit, as the giant blues band made an appearance once again. They also had a lovely night at the sunset cruise fundraiser on Saturday night. September trips are posted on their website, and October trips will be available there soon, so get your tickets soon for some great fall fishing.

The Sanzones family with a pair of nice sea bass on a recent trip aboard The Blackhawk.

When I checked in with Captain Mike Roy, V.I reelcast charters, He told me they’ve seen an increase in surface running activity in the fall, with some large schools of alpine, bass, and bluefish feeding on the top. There is an abundance of small bait on all the reefs, so these feeds must continue to ramp up. It’s a great time to target striped bass, with largemouth bass hitting live baits on the reefs and mixed sizes of bass eating plastics and soft boxes. Black bass fishing has also been good, with better numbers of keeper fish being recorded recently. Things are shaping up for another great fall, and it still has some chances to go, so be sure to book a trip before it’s too late!

And in Daniel bait, tackle and charters in New London He told me that Eastern Sound anglers have reported near-consistent catches of false albacore and bonito over the past week. The green and pink epoxy tools got the job done, along with the usual soft plastics. Striper anglers are still finding big fish on the reefs and rips, with live bait being the best bet, while inshore anglers make their money at dusk on live eels and large plugs. Sea bass and fluke are making some appearances late in the season on soft plastics and jigs fished in 40 to 60 feet of water, and big bluefish are still hitting diamond jigs in the same depth range. Shore anglers are still recording great catches, and that should continue for a few more weeks.

Captain Chris, V.I Another guide service He told me that Albie had arrived in the Western Sound in catchable numbers, although the big push was yet to come. There are also some very small bonito, around 15 inches in size, and plenty of Spanish mackerel. All of these fish are chasing a small peanut cache, so there is no shortage of light tackle options. There are still plenty of quality striped bass and bluefish near shore, and on deeper water rips. Fish near shore will receive light offerings, while fish on the reefs will use a wave tube, a diamond jig, or large soft plastics such as a Duratech eel.

Joe, V Diorio guide service, continue to find a great mix of streamers and bluefish, along with slowly improving albacore and bonito action. The striped bass and bluefish action has been great, whether the fishing is local around New London or around Block Island. Rocky points and reefs hold large amounts of bait and therefore a lot of line. Most of the bass are coming from live eels or Patriot Joe Bags, but they are also starting to get some better fish rising on topwater plugs. Each trip this week has seen better numbers of false albacore, and the recent swell should help push them closer to home. It’s a dead fall again and Joe still has a few dates available. Make sure to communicate before it’s too late.

Jesse, V The world of hunters in Norwalk The warm weather made reports a bit quieter this week, but those who went out found similar results to last week, she said. The big news this week was the arrival of false albacore in Long Island Sound. Some schools appeared to cover a large area as the week went on and were spotted in Middle Ground and West Westport late in the week and into the weekend. The funny fish is sure to keep a lot of anglers busy as long as they stick around. There are tons of peanut vaults and silver siding in the area and this should help the cause. Another reliable bite comes from a large bluefish. They can be found in deep water structure on diamond jigs, and occasionally on the surface chasing peanuts. There are still some nice bass in the mix, but for the most part the striped bass bite has slowed. There are large amounts of smallmouth bass on most of the local structure, while deeper waters around 11′ and 28′ have better protection for the short percentage. Porgy fishing is still as strong as ever, with big fish on almost every rock pile.

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Connecticut fishing forecast

Connecticut fishermen Catch Hardtail This week is feverish, with big feeds and aggression appearing throughout the sound this week. The fish are filtered, so every day is different, but if you put in some time and cover some ground, you should be rewarded. Giant schools of small bait continue to grow, so…These raids should become easier to find as more fish settle. In the meantime, there should be no shortage of striped bass to play with. BIG pass is Continue to get more active and can be more often Fooled on the surface water ingredients. And they still are prevalent on coral reefs. So, You should be able to find them somehow. Big bluefish are also still present in good numbers, with the best reports coming from The Race/Plum Gut area to the east, and from the deeper water reefs in West Sound. The fishing began by chance, with the end of the season, but the sea Bass Fishing has rebounded and fishing remains as reliable as ever. Tidal estuaries are as clean as They did It has been on all year round and is producing strong catches of blue crab and blue snapper.

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