Connecticut Fishing Report- Sept. 7, 2023

Big striped bass were caught aboard Reel Cast Charters this week.

Connecticut Fishing Report

Matt, that Black Hall Dealers He told me at Westbrook that things still felt a bit more steady like the fall, with more birds and more gliding fish on the small bait. There are still plenty of large bunker schools feeding some blitz against the larger fish. Big bass are also used on GTs, large surface water jacks, and big spoons. There are cache peanuts, silversides, and small butterflyfish all over Eastern Sound to feed these school blitz attacks, and they’ll soon be feeding the false albacore/bonito attacks. Reports of false primogeniture/bonito have improved a bit from Rhode Island, so it won’t be long before we start seeing them on the CT. Let’s all hope they hang out a little longer than last year. Bluefish of all sizes are also still plentiful, with attacks from large fish throughout the strait, and impressive snapper action in the tributaries. The pace of fishing has slowed by chance, but sea bass activity has picked up in slightly shallower waters, at 40-50 feet for example. Scoop fishing is still as strong as ever, so there’s plenty of bottom fishing to keep the fort until the full fall attacks roll in.

Heather Who Blackhawk sport fishing I mentioned that summer is winding down, but fishing is getting better! Bottom fishing was excellent, with borders of purgi filling the coolers, and some nice bass too. The bass and blues trips continue to get the massive blues coming through the bars, with a little sweet bass in the mix. They are looking forward to fishing, and still have a few private charter dates available! As you can see in their Facebook video, the Blackhawk is taking a sunset cruise on Saturday, September 2nd. All proceeds from this trip will go to help efforts in Hawaii after the devastating wildfires. Please join in on this journey if you can! Their September trips are posted on our website, so get your tickets soon for some great fall fishing.

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