Cod and rockfish fishing explodes from the Maren coast to the Rittenberg Bank

BERKELEY – During periods of calm weather at this time of year, you can choose to fish the shallows from a kayak, sailboat, or charter boat off the Marin County coast, or fish the newly opened deep waters just outside the Golden Gate at a party. boat.

Anglers fishing on California Dawn sport fishing boats 2 and 1 have been experiencing great offshore fishing on the Rittenberg Bank, with bounds of lingcod and huge rockfish reported on every trip since the weather break made fishing on the bank possible.

The Rittenburg Bank is an arrowhead or heart-shaped rock feature located in the northwest corner of the Farallones Marine Reserve bay. It is about 31 miles from the Marin County coast and about 40 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge.

“We’re seeing world-class bank fishing,” said Capt. James Smith of California Dawn Sportfishing. “It’s easily the best rockfish and cod language fishing of the season.”

Anglers use mackerel, live sandpipers, bars, and swimbaits to lure cod and rockfish. New bottom fishing regulations that took effect this year allow anglers to fish in deeper waters that haven’t been fished in years. In addition to Writenberg, there are places outside the Farallon Islands and Bodega Bay that have opened up for fishing, according to Smith.

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