CO Reports: Brainerd Fishing Contest Successful, Compliance Good – Brainerd Dispatch

CO Reports: Brainerd Fishing Contest Successful, Compliance Good – Brainerd Dispatch

District 9 – Brainerd District

CO Matthew Broden (Brainerd) I worked on two separate cases of deer carcasses left in WMA and state forest parking lots. Brodin also spent time preparing for the Jaycees Ice Fishing Festival held in the Brainerd area. The event was a great success with thousands of participants attending. The fish that took first place was a 14.5-inch fish. Necessary measures have been taken to register a four-wheel drive vehicle and fishing license violations.

CO Jim Guida (Brainerd East) Sport hunting and all-terrain vehicle enforcement worked this week. Many anglers checked out the area lakes fishing for the Brainerd Jaycees Hybrid Ice Fishing Tournament. Many non-resident hunters were inspected and hunting license compliance was good. ATV owners are reminded to check their ATV registration to update as it may have expired on December 31, 2023.

CO Chelsea Best (Pequot Lakes) A background investigation for potential employment has been concluded. It is also best to set traps and enforce ice fishing. Enforcement action has been taken regarding registration and licensing issues as well as northern pike within the protected slot and fishing with additional lines.

CO Andrew Ladzinski (Pine River) He spent his time checking anglers on local lakes. He saw a few crappies and bluegills in the buckets. An investigation has been launched into a possible violation of the Big Gaming License.

District 2 – Bemidji area

Co Price Volbrecht (Bemidji #1) Monitoring fishing activity in the region’s lakes. Most people have pulled fish houses out of area lakes, as temperatures continue to rise. Time was also spent following up on a case from the firearms deer season.

CO Andrew Goodman (Perham) He replaced his patrol snowmobile with an ATV this week. Once again, warm weather removed snow cover from area lakes and created soft areas at heavily used access points. Anglers checked reported a slow bite and varying icy conditions. Additional time was spent educating people about ATV rules and regulations, with an emphasis on youth safety and trail use.

CO Jake Swedberg (Detroit Lakes) I spent the week checking out the ice fishermen. There are mixed feelings in the area about how well the ice will hold out over the next week, but for now it appears to be holding as some access begins to deteriorate. Fishing has been hit or miss due to the warm weather, but most anglers have been able to have some success.

CO Brett Fox (Bemidji #2) I spent the week patrolling for an ATV which is a hunting activity. Current weather conditions have led to thin ice forming in many areas. Caution is advised and it is important to remember that ice is never completely safe. Fox also spent time doing required training afterward and received calls about injured deer.

CO Landin Saywert (Wadena) I spent time checking out ice anglers on area lakes. Enforcement action has been taken regarding a fish of illegal length and an expired snowmobile registration. Area lakes have seen an increase in fishing pressure. An otter was reported to have been caught by accident. Area hunters have reported a good beaver season so far. Time was also spent in Huntersville State Forest conducting ATV enforcement.

CO Patrick McGowan (Walker) She worked on Cass County lakes for fishing enforcement. Anglers are reporting mixed success, and ice conditions are poor. McGowan also trained on the department’s airboat for ice rescue training. Enforcement action has been taken regarding exceeding the perch limit and numerous other fishing violations.

Ko Kuri Sora (Rimmer) Area lakes that are patrolled for ice fishing activity. Many people found success with all types of fish over the weekend. Sura spent time assisting an outside agency with the ongoing investigation. The anglers were cited for littering, possession of an illegal length northern pike and leaving lines unattended.

CO Jack Johnson (Longville) Examination of fishing activity. Enforcement action was taken in the case of hunting without a license, without a shelter license, and not having a license in possession.

CO Mark Mathie (Cass Lake) Hunters were primarily screened. Perch catches were up last week and many people were enjoying the mild weather. The lakes, under moderate weather, have not formed any ice recently, and continued warm weather will weaken the ice further. There are still many problematic thin ice sites. Action has been taken for angling and ATV violations.

District 10 – Mille Lacs area

CO Gregory Verkuelen (Garrison) Angler activity was verified, which included many fish houses coming out of the ice in anticipation of warmer weather over the coming week. Snowmobile ATV riders have committed violations due to their lack of registration, safety training and helmets. Beaver pelts are a valuable species at this time of year, and hunters used the open water to obtain them.

CO Victoria Griffith (island) Examine ice anglers who have had success on area lakes. Ice conditions continued to change with warmer weather. If you’re heading out on the ice, check the thickness of the ice as you go. ATV and snowmobile activity was also observed. Time was spent pursuing big gaming issues.

CO Joseph Schulz (Malmö) The lakes area worked for fishermen. Some anglers have had success, although many have been more cautious as icy conditions continue to deteriorate in warmer weather. Many permanent refuges have already been removed from the lakes. Schulz also helped search for a missing person in Nemadji State Forest. Enforcement action was taken due to failure to display ATV registration and no license in possession.

CO Nate Penkowski (McGregor) Check anglers around local lakes. Enforcement actions have been taken for additional lines, operating motor vehicles in prohibited areas, driving after revocation, and expiration of ATV and snowmobile registrations. Benkofske also assisted other local law enforcement agencies with the calls.

CO Dan Starr (Onamia) Ice anglers and ATV traffic work. Walleyes are found hungry for those who find quiet areas. Fish pen issues were also addressed, with ice becoming shallow in many areas. A case of dogs escaping and possibly chasing deer was dealt with. Pet owners need to take responsibility for their pets and their upkeep.

CO Ashley Whitoak (Aitken) He spent time patrolling ice fishing, small game hunting, and quad biking. Enforcement action has been taken for late fur registration. I also followed a tip on over-limiting crappie. With the warmer weather, Whiteoak would like to remind anglers to be careful and check ice conditions as they venture out onto the lakes.

CO Jake Homan (Wealthwood) She spent the week patrolling Aitkin, Crow Wing and Mille Lacs counties. Time was spent checking anglers on Mille Lacs Lake and other area lakes. Hunters have had mixed success. Ice in the area continued to deteriorate with warm weather. Everyone is reminded to stay safe when on the ice as conditions are variable. Necessary measures have been taken for hunting violations and motorcycle violations.

District 11 – St. Cloud area

CO Stephen Westby (Little Falls) The area’s lakes and rivers are operated for fishing activities. Many hunters have been screened with limited success. The ice is in bad shape, but the ice is 12 to 14 inches and is very cloudy. Do not operate any type of motor vehicle on any area lakes or rivers.

Ku Tu Fang (Beers) Issuing wildlife possession permits and monitoring ice fishing and ATV activities at the station. General activity decreased. Anglers reported a slow bite and only a few fish were counted during the week.

CO Caleb Silgjord (SOC Center) I spent time during the week observing the ice fishing activity at the station. Ice conditions continue to deteriorate with warm weather, and anglers are advised to use caution when out and about. Attended department training and completed investigation into fall deer hunting resulting in violations of taking deer without a license, taking deer with an invalid license and loan/borrowing licenses.

CO Todd Vanderwest (Painesville) Fishing activity operates in the area. The State Patrol assisted with a traffic accident. He received a complaint from a landowner about carp shooters leaving their dead fish on the beach. The landowner has had enough and is going to publicize the famous place.

CO Keith Bertram (Long Prairie) I spent the week monitoring hunter and ATV activity. Enforcement actions were taken for license violations, expired ATV registration, and no identification at the fish house. Complaints regarding litter and injured animals were dealt with.

District 12 – Princeton area

CO Mike Crowell (Maura) I spent the week checking out the ice fishermen. Crowell also spent time pursuing deer hunting license violations. Krauel also spent time working on K9 training.

CO Rayan Hanna (Melaka) She patrolled the area for hunting and ATV use. There were not many anglers on the ice due to deteriorating conditions. Hanna spoke with some ATV users about how different the ATV/snowmobile season is this year.

CO Adam Stinnett (Sauk Rapids) Complete the training this week. An ice shelter is being monitored to ensure it is removed if the ice condition deteriorates. Major gaming violations are also being investigated. This week’s enforcement actions included hunting without a license and possession and loan/borrowing of deer hunting licenses.

CO Justin Frisch (Cambridge) It’s been a busy week for checking out ice anglers. There were people at several lakes and violations were observed. Many people were using ATVs to transport fishing gear. Most of the violations observed this week were related to ATV registration violations used on the ice. Enforcement action was taken for failure to display ATV registration, failure to renew ATV registration, fishing with extra line, and maximum slot thickness.

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