Clear Lake fishing should improve as weather changes – Lake County Record-Bee

Clear Lake fishing should improve as weather changes – Lake County Record-Bee

Clear Lake’s bass fishing should improve with some nice sized largemouth bass being caught. As the weather improves the fishing should definitely improve

Bass have also been clinging to docks or even pilings. There were a few bass clinging to the edges of the docks. The good news is that the weight of the bass was in the 2-5 pound category. There are several tournaments scheduled in the coming weeks. The hotspots were Henderson Point, Shag Rock and the area around Rattlesnake Island. On the north end, Rocky Point is a good bet. The secret to success is to be patient. The water temperature was as cold as 48 degrees early in the morning but warmed by noon. The upper lipless graft was retrieved slowly

There were still plenty of bait fish in the lake and the bass were feeding on them. The water in most areas has become a little dull as a result of the recent storms. The fish caught were in excellent condition. Hot spots are the sidewalks along Glenhaven and at Clearlake Oaks.

The weather forecast calls for warm, sunny weather for the next five days which means good news for Clear Lake anglers. Many anglers haven’t been out on the lake in over a week. Bass should also be regulated and moving to shallow water.

The north end of the lake is also starting to produce some bass. Rocky Point is worth a try. Carefully work your bait around submerged rocks, as the lake reaches almost the full 7.48-foot mark on the Rumsey scale and climbs slowly. The lake is considered full at 7.56 feet (Romsey).

In addition to bass, the lake also produces plenty of bluegill and catfish. A few anglers have been spotting schools of crappie in deeper water. They located the crappie using their electronic devices and caught it using red and white crappie jigs.

Upper Blue Lake was stocked with trout last week and should provide good fishing over the next couple of weeks. The lake is in great condition and should be suitable for trout and bass.

In the hunting arena, most seasons are now closed except for wild boar. Lake County has a fair number of wild hogs, most of which are located on farms. Be sure and get permission to hunt on farms. The last thing you want to do is get a trespassing ticket.

Clear Lake State Park is closed due to storm damage but is scheduled to reopen in a few days. There were a number of fallen trees throughout the park. The trail to Mount Konocti is open to hikers.

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