Chip Kelly is upset about the new clock rules, Alabama vs. Texas preview, and a terrible trip to Barcelona

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SI’s Dan Wetzel, Ross Dillinger and Pat Forde highlight the biggest matchups in Week 2 of college football including Alabama vs. Texas, Texas A&M vs. Miami, and Colorado vs. Nebraska.

To kick off the podcast, former teammates go to battle this Saturday in Tuscaloosa as Nick Saban, Crimson Tide hosts Steve Sarkeesian and Texas Longhorns hosts. Can Texas shake off the upset? Will Alabama move the Texas Marching Band to the nosebleed section? We’ll definitely find out on Saturday.

In Saturday’s other big games, Texas A&M takes on Miami in a real ladder match, while newly-ranked Colorado hosts Nebraska this weekend. The guys wonder why Colorado is ranked so low and what more they need to do in order to move up in the national polls.

In the final game of Week 1, the Duke Blue Devils upset the #9 ranked Clemson Tigers, shocking the college football world. The show discusses who is at fault for Clemson’s stumble while giving credit to Duke for having improved so much over the past two seasons.

LSU Tigers head coach Brian Kelly recently denied his claim that LSU would beat FSU, though audio from his radio show proves otherwise, prompting a deeply confusing denial.

Later in the show, Dan gives a new song to the remaining members of Pac-2 in hopes that they can find a new home. Also, Purdue made a splash by losing to Fresno State this past weekend, but they may have bounced back after they managed to create the smallest drum in the world.

Finally, a flight from Atlanta to Barcelona had to change its route after a mishap mid-flight.

1:00 Alabama vs Texas preview

14:53 Texas A&M vs Miami

19:25 Colorado hosts Nebraska this weekend

27:13 #9 Clemson gets upset with Duke

33:27 Brian Kelly denies that LSU will beat FSU

38:16 New Pac-2 song

41:08 Some coaches are upset about the new rules of the hour in college football

46:00 Bible update

48:11 Bordeaux is acting again

49:47 The nightmare flight from Atlanta to Barcelona

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Alabama wides Jermaine Burton, Jakory Brooks, and Isaiah Bond celebrate Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

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