Preparing for the opening night of the 2023 season just got a lot more difficult for the Kansas City Chiefs. First Team All-Pro tight end Travis Kelsey was injured during practice, with head coach Andy Reid telling the media that he overextended his knee.

The leaders provided no further details about the extent of the injury. His status is uncertain for Thursday night’s opener versus the Detroit Lions.

There was initially positive news from the chiefs regarding the injury.

Hyperextension explained

Hyperextension injuries occur when the knee is forced back beyond its neutral position, beyond its normal fully extended position.

The obvious and most immediate concern with a knee hyperextension injury is the potential damage to the ligaments. The ligaments most commonly affected by hyperextension injuries are: Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) f Medial collateral ligament (mkl). The anterior cruciate ligament is anchored to the front of the knee, preventing any anterior translation of the knee the leg (shin) on Thigh bone (thigh). The MCL attaches to the inside of the knee joint and is the primary stabilizer on the medial side of the knee.

According to wide receiver Skyy Moore, Kelce was able to walk off the field limping under his own power immediately after the injury.

“I was talking to somebody and he was limping, walking off the field,” Moore said. Per friend of the site nate taylor the athlete. “It was a good sign to see him get up on his own and walk off the field.”

This, along with the initial word from the chiefs, is good news in the long run and should rule out any fear of a full ligament tear. While the worst-case scenario was likely avoided, it is possible that Kelsey may have sustained a ligament injury torsion or muscle torsion as a result of the injury. Involvement of the meniscus is possible, but without further details on the exact mechanism of injury (ie the mechanism of torsion of the injury), it is impossible to know at this point.

Unknown schedule

The primary goals for Kelsey and the athletic training staff will be to reduce swelling and relieve pain in the knee. Until the swelling subsides, we won’t get a clear picture of how quickly Kelsey will be back on the field for the Chiefs.

Once swelling is reduced, goals will include restoring and maintaining full range of motion of the knee, and strengthening the muscles surrounding the knee joint (specifically thigh muscles working the kinetic chain to the hips) – and working to stabilize the joint in preparation for returning to the field.

As of now, there is not enough information to know the exact timeline for Kelce’s return. The next 24 hours and how Kelsey’s knee injury has responded to initial treatments will shed more light on his readiness for Thursday night.

However, a typical knee hyperextension injury is usually a knee injury Recovery from two to four weeks In mild to moderate injuries.

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