ChatGPT’s “Make It Over” trend – and how to play with it at home

ChatGPT’s “Make It Over” trend – and how to play with it at home

Remember when the wildest thing in the cryptocurrency community was a cute dog and a poorly drawn frog? Fast forward to the present day, and AI has taken the baton and launched itself into absurdity. Welcome to the age of “Make It More,” where your wildest fantasies are maximized — and ridiculously overdone.

Here’s how it works: Artificial intelligence, our new creative friend, can produce art that makes Dali look lifelike. So, fire it up, ask ChatGPT to optimize a raw, often harmless image, and it does so with gusto. Then ask again. and again. Do you want a happy dog? Push it forward until you get an ecstatic cosmic fang. Spicy bowl of ramen? How about one so hot that it sets the universe on fire?

This is more than just pixel pushing, it’s a glimpse into how AI works to satisfy our whims. People turn ChatGPT into their overly enthusiastic friend who brings a live elephant when you ask for help taking your party to the next level.

Decryption We didn’t want to be left behind, so we put on lab coats and did our own research. We started with Bitcoin bullish. Seems tame? Not for long.

Images created by Decrypt using Dall-E 3

We asked for more “optimism.” Has AI delivered? He made the bull More up Each time, until things got weird even for the AI.

“Creating a more bullish image may be difficult, as the latest version has already pushed the boundaries of bullish symbolism with a very large and powerful bull,” she protested. But still, it gave us a very bullish Bitcoin. Getting past that has been a challenge, she said.

But challenge is the middle name of artificial intelligence. We kept asking for more.

the answer? the rising Bull ever, which would make Wall Street tremble. It was “an unimaginable and omnipresent depiction of Bitcoin’s bullishness, conceived as a divine cosmic bull beyond all known dimensions and realities.” Talk about bull market optimism!

Image created by Decrypt using Dall-E 3

The “Make It More” phenomenon is particularly interesting because it appears to be among the first original meme trends in the AI ​​community and culture. It is a unique, self-sustaining cycle in which the properties and capabilities of AI art generation tools are both the medium and the message.

So, crypto generations have their own personalities, Gen Zers have their weird TikTok dances, and AI people have their silly “Make It More” creations.

We have gone beyond simply using technology to create memes to harnessing new technology to shape a new society – a society with its own jokes, conventions, and now memes. It’s the digital equivalent of forming a new language, with artificial intelligence at the heart of the lexicon.

In the end, for us humans sometimes, “more” is just… more. But when you’re dealing with artificial intelligence, the word is a recipe for some truly unforgettable creations.

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