Charlie’s Bar Christmas advert, Enniskillen and Fermanagh: Punters toast the success of Charlie’s Bar Christmas advert

Charlie’s Bar Christmas advert, Enniskillen and Fermanagh: Punters toast the success of Charlie’s Bar Christmas advert

A low-budget promotional video for Charlie’s Bar turned the retiree in the lead role into a celebrity.

The story depicted by Martin McManus (74) comes to a close with the inspiring words of W. B. Yeats:“There are no strangers here, just friends you haven’t met yet.”

WATCH: A pub in Northern Ireland goes viral with heartwarming Christmas ad

It’s a fact Church Street pub patrons already know, and now they’re hoping the rest of us will embrace the sentiment.

Gerry Nolan (65) lives in London and is enjoying a few weeks at home in NI.

A plasterer went out yesterday for what was supposed to be a quiet birthday drink, while the world marveled at how the pub defied the odds to achieve what big brands can only dream of.

“I thought the video was very good and the message behind it was very emotional,” he said.

“I didn’t know Martin before that, but I know him now – and the little dog.”

Many others were also touched by the ad’s message in which adorable pet dog Missy helps bring people together.

Emma McIver and Christopher McIver, both 32 years old.

Emma McIver (32) is enjoying a Christmas break in the city with her husband Christopher.

The couple, who live in Liverpool, were also expecting a quiet pint but arrived to a full house.

“I’m not surprised because I saw the ad and I think it’s great,” Emma said.

“I’ve shared it myself – it’s very warm and puts Enniskillen on the map.

“It brings back the memory and meaning of Christmas and I think it resonated with all age groups.

“It’s a tear-jerker that tugs at the heartstrings.”

A Northern Irish pub goes viral with a heartwarming Christmas advert

Christopher agreed, praising pub owner Una Burns and content creator Aoife Teague for the impossible feat.

“I thought it was a great idea and no one had done it before. It’s very clever marketing,” he said.

“They’re good at what they do.”

Gambler Gerry Murphy (62), who played the man on the bench who hides behind a newspaper to avoid talking to the main character, relishes the trappings of success.

“It made me famous,” he said. “Everyone takes it seriously.”

“My son sent me a video of himself, and on Saturday night people came up to me and asked, ‘Are you in the video?’ Among them was an American woman.

“I took her picture with me and sent it home.”

However, the talented extra, who perfected his role in just three takes during filming, plans to keep his feet firmly on the ground.

“I don’t drink, so I didn’t get free beer, but I did get free cocaine,” Murphy said.

“You did a better job than I expected from you.”

The ad has also inspired a man known only as “Phil from Lincolnshire” to get into the Christmas spirit.

He phoned the pub yesterday to donate £100 to everyone involved in the video and asked them to “hug me”.

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