Captain Bob’s Outdoors Winter Derby Leaderboard Changes; The wind messes with fishing

Captain Bob’s Outdoors Winter Derby Leaderboard Changes;  The wind messes with fishing

Last week’s winds wreaked havoc on fishing traffic on the Niagara River and reports were few and far between. If the wind stops, we should fish on Wednesday or Thursday – first from shore and then from boats downriver.

Captain Bob’s Outdoor Winter Derby update

Steve Hawkins reported some changes to the leaderboard last week after some nice fish were measured by derby anglers. Chuck Cicatello of Hamburg caught a 12.5-inch crappie out of the Grass River in the Adirondacks on a Z Viber lure. Andrew Fengender of Rochester caught a 33.5-inch steelhead from one of his favorite Lake Ontario tributaries. John Anaka of Cuba caught a 26-inch walleye from Tonawanda Creek while fishing with his father, Pete. The derby runs until March 15 at Capt. Bob’s Outdoors in Clarence.

Lake Erie and its tributaries

The creeks are open when nighttime temperatures are above 28 degrees, according to local guide Tyler Hagman of About the Bend Fly Fishing. Trout have been most productive for it in Cattaraugus Creek, where some schools of fresh fish have been found in the lower stretches of the creek. Limited numbers of fish have been reported in other streams while he waits for the spring fish season, which coincides with more stable temperatures. Use smaller, deeply fished presentations. Cattaraugus’ Adam McInerney reported fishing was excellent a week ago before temperatures dropped below freezing. A little white dance was his ticket. He can’t wait for temperatures to rise and a chance of rain to ramp things up again, which would break up the ice and put some fresh water (and fish) in the streams. Shop Stevens at Cat. Creek Bait and Tackle in Irving reported that the cat has nice color and flow right now, but fishing has been tough. Night crawlers and egg sacs work to the advantage of anglers. Before the high winds hit, some boaters headed out to the lake and caught a few yellow perch but nothing great. However, one angler hooked a 12-pound walleye while bottom fishing.

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Niagara River

The river was devastated after high winds last week, forcing anglers to go to the Greater Niagara Fishing Show instead of taking to the water over the weekend. According to Captain Chris Cinelli of Grand Island, when she can get back in the water, it should be good because there seem to be a lot of fish in the river on his recent trips. A mixed bag of trout and walleye is available for visitors from Devil’s Hole to the Niagara Bar. In the Niagara Gorge, shore wheels can work well before boaters as the shoreline usually clears first. Mike Zimm made it short on Tuesday and caught a couple of nice trout and lost another with about a half foot of visibility. He was using one of his homemade yellow and pink No. 4 turntables. Conditions should continue to improve.

Lake Ontario and its tributaries

Several small tributaries have been trapped in ice over the past week, according to Scott Feltrinelli of Ontario Fly Outfitters. If that wasn’t enough, wind and snow have kept many anglers away from the creeks over the past week. Some of the larger reaches have shelf ice to contend with. If you can get your presentation under the ice shelf, you may be rewarded with a nice trout. With recent snowfall (and possible rain) and warmer temperatures this coming week, look forward to seeing water levels rise and change color. Feltrinelli insists this will create good conditions for fishing. Many fish have retreated into the lake due to low, icy conditions earlier in the week. He hopes to see new fish moving into the tributaries when the water levels rise. Mike Erdt of Williamsville found low, clear conditions at Burt Dam less than a week ago. He caught two fish on eggs and one on a pellet. He also caught fish with jigs. Ron Burstein of Oak Orchard Tackle reports that tributary flows everywhere are low and clear, with flows in the Oak Orchard River being the lowest. Fishing pressure was light, mostly concentrated on oak with long and light vessels recording some steelhead hooks at the dam. Anglers downstream have had some action on brown trout. Don’t rule out lake work if the weather cooperates. Trolling the shoreline in 15 to 40 feet of water can produce a mixed back of trout with baits and spoons.

Chautauqua Lake

Crappie were biting in the channels last week before the channels froze over reports from Capt. Mike Sperry with Chautauqua Reel Outdoors. They will be open this week with warmer temperatures. Jigs filled with waxworms, minnows and tubes were worked under a fixed or sliding popper. “It’s going to be another good crappie season in my opinion,” Sperry says. The lake is fully open so he’s sure some boats will be out this weekend.

Finger lakes

Lake levels drop to their usual winter lows, according to Capt. John Gulk of the Finger Lakes Angling Zone. Keep this in mind if you go launching at Union Springs or at other launches located in the shallow water portions of the lakes (such as the southern ends of the lakes). Water temperatures remain around 39 degrees in the larger Finger Lakes.

Deep lake jigging should be good at Cayuga Lake when conditions allow, Gulk says. Expect fish in anywhere from 120 to 200 feet of water. Gaulke will typically work at a depth of 120 to about 160 feet. He did a good job on Tuesday. The Lakers ran between 24 to 29 inches on that drive. The best depths were 120 to 150 feet, with better action in 120 to 130 feet, but they found fish everywhere. Perch action should be good to excellent out of Union Springs. Typically 10 to 25 feet of water is a prime area. The lower lake should continue to produce lake trout in the shallow waters along with a few rainbow, salmon, brown, and smallmouth bass. Most of the salmon are illegal but at least anglers are seeing some this winter.

Seneca Lake: Expect slow/good landlocked salmon fishing in the central to southern portions of the lake. The salmon are usually oriented toward the surface on sunny days; Otherwise trolling or casting 20 to 30 feet is usually more productive. There are few boats targeting these fish at the moment. Pike season remains open until March 15. Check areas near traditional breeding grounds for northern pike.

Lake Owasco: Perch fishing should be in full swing Gaulke reports. The launch is available at Emerson Park. Perch are well distributed in this lake.

Lake Skaneateles: The state launch remains closed for the season. Once the gate is up and open, expect good perch fishing here and slow to fair trout fishing.

Keuka Lake: Boaters are catching some nice yellow perch with additional lake trout mixed in. There is no information about the actual depths. Expect good to excellent lake trout action throughout the water column.

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