Buying an iPhone 15 is now cheaper in India than in the US – here’s how

Buying an iPhone 15 is now cheaper in India than in the US – here’s how

You may find it surprising, but it is now cheaper and more convenient to buy iPhone 15 in India compared to the US. This is due to the various offers and deals available on websites like Flipkart, which has brought down the entry price of the iPhone 15 series. However, it is important to note that this only applies to the standard models, as the Pro lineup remains relatively expensive in India.

We can say this because the iPhone 15 was initially launched in India at a price of Rs 79,900, which is around Rs 13,000-14,000 higher compared to its price in the US. However, due to various offers and promotions, it is now possible to find the base model of the iPhone 15 with 128GB storage at a significantly discounted price of around Rs 65,000, making it more affordable than its US retail price.

Screenshot of iPhone 15 order summary. Flipkart Axis Bank cashback will be added later.

iPhone 15 deal: How the math works

The iPhone 15 128GB Edition has a retail price of $799 in the US, excluding sales tax. When sales tax is taken into account, the price conversion to Indian Rupees comes out to about Rs 70,000 to Rs 72,000. However, it is important to note that not all states in the United States impose sales tax. Comparing this directly to the current market in India (around Rs 65,000), it is clear that the price of the iPhone 15 128GB is around Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000 higher in the US.


To back up this claim, we just saw a deal on Flipkart where the iPhone 15 is selling for Rs 65,999 and can be combined with bank offers to bring the final actual price to around Rs 62,224 – making it around Rs 9,000-10,000 cheaper. From US price. This is not an isolated symptom; We have seen the iPhone 15 priced under Rs 70,000 for the last month or so.

However, the same can’t be said for the iPhone 15 Pro models, which are still being sold near the starting MRP of Rs 1,34,900 – making them around Rs 50,000 more expensive in India.

US models do not have physical SIM slots

An added advantage of purchasing an Indian unit is the added convenience of including a physical SIM card slot. In the US, Apple has removed the physical SIM slot in favor of having an eSIM only. This can be a deal breaker for many individuals, especially those who travel frequently and need the ability to change their SIM cards.

So, if you want to buy the vanilla iPhone 15, we recommend you buy it from India. Not only are the units sold in the country manufactured locally, but they are also less expensive and include a SIM card slot.

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