Brian Dabul continues to downplay the Dallas Cowboys rivalry ahead of Week 1 – NY Daily News

Giants coach Brian Dabul followed GM Joe Schoen’s lead on Tuesday and played down the lopsided Dallas Cowboys’ success in NFC East competition before the season opener Sunday night.

“I think we’re focused on this week and trying to prepare for a really good team,” Dabol said when asked if Dallas’ four-goal wins and 11 of their last 12 games could cross the minds of the players. “I think the only thing we have to focus on is coming here, training, preparing and doing the things we have to do to get ready to go on Sunday.”

Momentum is building towards a massive Prime-time Week 1 showdown at MetLife Arena, however, players know it’s a big match: because it’s their opener and because of who they’re playing.

“I grew up in a house with my parents, who are NFC East fans, and I know the history, and I know how hot and competitive these games have been over the years,” said Darren Waller on the approach of his debut with the Giants. “I know what I’m about to do on Sunday. I’m honored to be on the field.”

“I think this is the time to shine,” said Defensive Tackle Dexter Lawrence. “I just worked wherever I was, in the cell – which is a metaphor – and now it’s time to shine… More joy knowing it’s a divided team, but I think the mentality is the same for everyone… We’re going to go out there and play football and make our best.

Waller’s father, Dorian, is a native of Queens and a lifelong Giants fan. Waller was a senior at Georgia Tech when Odell Beckham Jr. became a senior. In his 2014 rookie season of all time.

So, interestingly enough, even though Waller and OBJ are both 30 years old — and Beckham is still active with the Baltimore Ravens — Waller said this is the player he remembers most from the Giants-Cowboys rivalry.

“I didn’t really hate the players,” he said, smiling. “I just know my parents were a bit anti-cowboys in terms of their team, so I get what the deal is. But as far as the players are concerned, I’ve always loved the players. But perhaps the biggest one is O’Dell.

“It’s a big division game for us,” said quarterback Daniel Jones, who is 1-6 in his career against the Cowboys with four TD passes and three interceptions.

“All of the divisional matches are definitely big and have a lot of tradition and history, so yeah, it’s a big deal,” said Jones. “But it’s about what we do, how we play and take care of our business first.”

It will be interesting to see if Schoen and Dabul hit the right button by trying to take the air out of competition, stakes, and lopsided recent history.

Nothing matters more here than beating the Cowboys and Eagles. The Giants will have a chance to do so on Sunday to set a new tone for 2023.

Depth chart underscores roles

The Giants’ first unofficial depth chart for the 2023 season confirmed some of the new roles that have taken shape on the coaching field this summer. Adoree Jackson is now listed as the slot/nickel cornerback, with starters Deonte Banks and Tre Hawkins selected outside. Bobby Okereke is the middle linebacker, and Micah McFadden is the main player on the weak side. On offense, Ben Bredison and Mark Glowinski remain the leading guards on the left and right, respectively, despite the three-way rotation that has occurred throughout training camp (and promises to continue in the regular season, too). Rookie running back Eric Gray was listed as the top punt and punt returner… Freshman coaching staff wide receiver Cam Sims wore number 87, and DaPaul admitted he has some special teams value. “He’s definitely had some production in the league, I would say both at receiver and as a gunner as well,” Dabol said. “He’s a big guy. I had him at Alabama in 2017. I hadn’t really spoken to him until yesterday since he left. He’s trained really well (before we signed him).”

Injury updates

Daboll will not provide any updates about the infection. The first official Giants-Cowboys injury report will be released on Wednesday. However, it is encouraging that Lawrence Kager and fullback Cam Brown are both returning to training from ankle and foot injuries respectively. Meanwhile, cornerback Cordell Plot and safety Gervarius Owens continued to work on the side. Wide receiver Cole Beasley (injured practice squad reserve) was on the block and came out to practice to watch at one point. Beasley must miss at least the Giants’ first four games.

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