Working in the fishing industry has given me the opportunity to test and review the majority of new lures that hit the market each year. However, there aren’t a lot of new products in the fishing industry that blow my mind. However, every year there are a few new releases that get me really excited. Duo Realis BR Fish is one such product.

This is a completely new style of soft plastic that has a lot of potential to be a real fish catcher, especially when paired with today’s electronics. The BR Fish is a soft jerkbait designed to generate reaction bites in clear water. This lure has side to side darts that have not been seen in this soft plastic offering. Duo Realis was able to achieve this unique action by utilizing a few key attributes that really make this lure shine.


Duo Realis makes this work in tandem by carefully designing the head of this swimbait and the soft plastic body of this bait to work in perfect harmony. The body of this bait is designed with a flat bottom, a rounded back, and a pointed tail. This bait can be fished with the flat side facing down or up, achieving different actions depending on how it is rigged.

When rigged flat down, the lure is darted from side to side by using quick jerks of your rod. However, when the lure is mounted flat up, it can be fished like a traditional dammic style lure. The tail also has a unique twitching motion which is great for enticing difficult fish to bite.

Duo Realis has also integrated some of these features into the BR header as well. This swimbait head is designed with two fin-like lips on each side of the swimbait head. This allows the bait to slide from side to side when shaken. This also gives the bait a great gliding action when fished like a traditional jig and minnow as well.

How to catch a fish BR

There are a number of different ways to fish with the new Duo Realis BR Fish, but my favorite method is to use live sonar on clear water fisheries. I’ve spent nearly two months playing with a BR minnow, and I’ve noticed a few scenarios where this lure really shines on these types of fish.

This bait excels when fished around sea brush piles. This was a great bait for getting fish out of cover and getting them to commit rather than following your lure back to the boat. On one of my recent trips, I had a lot of followers who played the traditional jerkbait but I couldn’t convince them to stick with it. I then started using BR Fish in these scenarios and started getting more fish to commit.

I like to fish this bait by making long casts over a brush pile. I then return it to the boat by making sharp jerks of the rod followed by pointing the rod tip at the bait, allowing the bait to sway from side to side. This lure is designed to be used in high pressure scenarios and is a great alternative when fish won’t stick to traditional baits.

Another application where this bait shines is targeting suspended fish mounted on the bait. For this application, I like to rig the flat side of the bait facing up in order to achieve that jig and minnow action. I will then cast the bait to specific fish using live sonar and constantly raise it above their heads. The twitching action of this bait combined with its razor sharp hook is a great way to catch fish that are actively chasing the bait.

The perfect setup

In order to achieve the desired action of this bait, it is important to have the correct rod, reel and line setup. For the rod, I like a 7-foot medium action spinning rod. This shorter length allows for more accuracy when casting to certain fish, and the medium action gives you enough power to put it in the boat. My go-to for this application is a 7-foot medium action Shimano Expride Spinning Rod.

For a reel, I like the 3000 size with a high gear ratio. This larger reel allows for better fish control, greater line capacity and a higher gear ratio. These are all essential traits when trying to successfully catch fish with light tackle. My choice for this lure is a Daiwa MQ LT 3000 sized spinning reel.

For line, it is recommended to use braid for fluorocarbon leader. For my braid, I like the 10 lb yellow Power Pro High Vis braid. I will then attach the braid to either an 8 or 10 pound fluorocarbon leader depending on the clarity of the water and the amount of cover present. With this rod, reel and line combo, you’ll be sure to land most fish that decide to stick with this bait.

The Duo Realis BR Fish is a completely new category of lure ideal for a wide range of clear water applications. The innovation used in the design of this lure is sure to make big waves across the fishing industry, and will undoubtedly lead to many successful days on the water. If you’re looking for a new way to trick tough clear water fish into biting, the new Duo Realis BR Fish is worth a try.

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