Blue Ridge Lake Fishing Report – December 2023 – Georgia Outdoor News

Blue Ridge Lake Fishing Report – December 2023 – Georgia Outdoor News

Blue Ridge: level: 10.5 feet under 1681. Temperature: 59-61 degrees. clarity: Clear.

deep voice: Eric Welsh, from Welch’s Guide Service reports, “Fishing has been good. We’re almost in a normal winter pool. There was some topwater action throughout the day. I like throwing a Whooper Plooper and a Strike King sexy Dawg Jr. I’ll be using a shot with a 6.5″ Roboworm inch and a 3.5″ tube and a 3.25″ Strike King swimbait Rage Swimmer. I will rig a Rage Swimmer with a 1/4 oz. head bait and cast it out and let it sink. Then I will slowly put it back in. As the water temperature continues to drop, you will notice the fish starting to congregate Around deep points and bank lines where a creek or river runs close by. You can use some of the baits I mentioned, but it’s hard to beat a Flex-it spoon in the winter on these deep north Georgia lakes. Once the water temps get into the mid 50’s, I’ll start fishing Throwing the Float-n-Fly, there are two different ways to catch the fish. One is a small hand tied 1/32 oz. Hair fly with a 10 to 15 foot leader. We will fish them on banks and rocky points. The other way is using a 20 to 35 foot leader with line By floating with a 1/32 oz. weight hook and a small fluke. We’ll fish this from the mouths of the pockets and fish our way in. The jerkbait and A rig are catching good fish this time of year. good luck.”

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Light gray eye color: Eric Crowley According to Lake And Stream Guide Service reports, “The walleye bite continues to hold steady as temperatures and lake levels drop. We’re in the sweet spot right now. Cool water and steady weather make for good morning feeding patterns. We’ve seen some really nice fish in the 23′ range.” to 24″ in the last few weeks as we get more and more cold frontal/low pressure systems. Hunt the pre-frontal and frontal days for the best success. Clouds, rain and overcast days are your friends this month. Everything we have success with is vertical, as We bring the bait to the fish rather than having them chase it. Small baits are being bitten by some very large fish, so be sure to make your presentation and mix it up. Color choice seems to be the standard for a walleye anywhere. Red or green are considered Purple, black or gold are the usual choices, but be sure to mix in some other options as some days it can make a big difference.

Multiple types: Eric Crowley With Lake And Stream Guide Service reporting, “The perch bite was spotty last month with all the warm weather but should be more consistent this month with the big females showing up. Small spoons, minnows, and even worms are good options. I’ve been catching a lot of spoons.” That drops in 35 feet of water. 3/4 oz. The Alligator Spoon and the Blue Fox Pixie Spoon are two of my favorite spoons for spotted bass. One has a longer profile, while the other is shorter and drops a little slower. It was a Blue Chrome or Yellow or straight gets the job done.

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