Blizzard wonders if you’ll pay $100 for Diablo 4 DLC

Blizzard wonders if you’ll pay $100 for Diablo 4 DLC

A leaked survey from Blizzard indicates that the developer is looking into different potential pricing for the upcoming game Diablo IV Expansion, one of these potential bundles is priced at $100.

Diablo IV It was launched in June to positive reviewsHowever, complaints have been made about the game’s difficult ending and events The first season It was not well received, resulting in… Blizzard is forced to apologize And make quick changes. But the The second season was better receivedWith the game reaching its solid state as 2023 winds down, we can look forward to that Diablo IVFirst big expansion: Hate ship. This expansion, which will launch in “late 2024”, will add a new class and allow players to explore the forested world of Nahantu, a new playable area last seen in Diablo II. But how much does this DLC cost? Looks like Blizzard is trying to figure that out.

like spotted before VG247YouTuber Bellular News appears to have gotten their hands on what appears to be a file A leaked secret survey sent by Blizzard to players on Diablo IV DLC pricing. In the survey, Blizzard is offering four potential DLC packs priced at $50, $70, $80, and $100. All four packs include the expansion, but they also come with different digital items and currencies as well. For example, the proposed $100 bundle will include new “hero skins” for all classes, a unique non-horse mount with dynamic features, premium in-game currency, and a pair of cosmetic wings.

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Interestingly – and this is a sign that Blizzard is testing what people care about and how much they will pay – not all of the higher-priced tiers come with a premium battle pass or “early access” to DLC, while some of the lower-priced tiers do. , which features fewer cosmetic items, will include early access and Seasonal Battle Passes.

Perhaps the most controversial benefits are some of these expensive ones Diablo IV DLC packs include additional storage space and early access to NPC followers a season before non-paying players get them.

my city I reached out to Blizzard about the leaked survey.

It should be noted that the survey does not explicitly state that it relates to what was recently announced Hate ship expansion. However, it seems very likely that this is what Blizzard is asking in this leaked survey focusing on future expansions and DLC.

While some of this sounds bad, like charging an additional fee for early access to NPC followers, keep in mind that none of this has been confirmed to happen. This is Blizzard testing the waters, asking players for their thoughts, and using that data to make a decision. So it is possible new Diablo IV The expansion will cost less than all of these prices and will include various goodies. Or it will cost more. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.


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