Blizzard plans to release new expansions for Diablo 4 every year

Blizzard confirmed in an interview on Sept. 5 that the loot-chasing RPG will not be limited to just an action game. Diablo IV You get long-term support in the form of quarterly seasons, but the game will also get a new paid expansion every year.

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Rod Ferguson, the club’s general manager Diablo Franchising, said a lot to dexertoHe told the gaming publication that the team’s vision for the game stretches out for a while. In fact, Ferguson has said outright that Blizzard is focused on it Diablo IV for “years and years”, explaining that the first season was just the foundation for his future.

“So, when we look at our quarterly seasons, we look at our annual expansions, those are the things that we really focus on in our live service,” Ferguson said. “We have plans, we have stories that are going well in the future. We have plans. We always go over our seasons, we go over our expansions, so it’s something we’ve been doing for a long time. He was excited. When you look back and you realize there were 11 years between (Diablo III) And (Diablo IVIt feels like we haven’t lived up to our players and community and what they deserve. This is something we recommend.Diablo IV) with our seasons and expansions.

in this way, Diablo IVIt will reflect the pace of Bungie’s expansion Saucepan Games, in particular Destiny 2, which usually gets new content in the form of free seasonal updates and paid annual expansions. While there are no details yet regarding the new content Diablo IV We will see it introduced in its expansions as well Diablo II And Diablo III New areas, new stories, and new character classes have been introduced in the single expansion each game has received. Recently, cell phones have appeared Immortal Diablo i got hot vamp knight, The first new class Blizzard has introduced to the series in nine years. Your movement, Diablo IV.

my city Activision Blizzard has reached out for comment.

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malignant season, Diablo IVThe first content drop, which began on July 20, was not entirely well received by the community, with some fans complaining that The battle pass is very stingyand the pre-season patch receiving widespread reprimands for it Make the game more grind. The criticism was so blistering that the company not only apologized for the ironic changes to the game, but also apologized. Promise not to release such a patch once again. With lower content II, blood seasonwhich launches on October 17th and comes with a bunch of useful tweaks for storage management and status effects – among other things – hopefully Blizzard can find its groove.

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