Best “Starfield” themes and wallpapers to choose

starfield Formally, in fact, without any strings attached. Now it’s time to make some big choices.

With the biggest Xbox game of the year now available on Game Pass, a lot of it is likely to be downloaded starfield and become instantly overwhelmed while creating the character. The game asks you to make some seemingly huge and far-reaching choices before you can even leave the opening planet. This can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some of the best themes and backgrounds that you can choose when creating your profile starfield a personality.

The best background to choose starfield

One of the big things starfield What it immediately asks of you is to choose a fictional background for your character. This affects much more than just your character’s backstory; It’s actually choosing the three skills you want to start with. Skills are of great importance starfieldBecause it dictates your playing style. You need certain skills to drive good ships, pick locks, and be good at fighting.

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There are two important things to know about this choice. First, you need some An idea of ​​how you want to play starfield before making it. Second, just know that it’s not that important. You only need to play enough of the game and you will get enough skill points to unlock what you want later.

With that in mind, let’s get to know some of the best wallpapers that you can choose. There really aren’t any mistake options, but no one can blame you for following any of the following:

  • soldier: It starts with increased oxygen (mainly stamina), increased damage from weapons that shoot bullets, and has instant access to booster packs. Good for beginners who want to get out of trouble.

  • Long hauler: It starts with increasing the inventory size and some basic ship piloting skills. Both of these things are very helpful early on.

  • combat medic: Starts with increased max health and higher effectiveness of healing items. Also gets increased pistol damage as a nice bonus.

  • diplomat: It starts with a better chance to impress NPCs, better buying and selling prices in shops, and maximum health.

  • Industrial: It also starts with better chances of persuasion, as well as the ability to pick advanced locks and research projects using fewer resources.

  • treasure hunter: Instant access to better ships and the ability to target specific ship systems in aerial battles. He also gets booster pack training right away. If you want to master ship combat, this could be a good option to choose.

  • file not found: The most basic and well rounded of the group. Better weapon damage, maximum health, and some basic driving skills.

Again, don’t stress too much about this choice. You can create a fully balanced and capable character no matter what you choose. But any of the above will work, depending on how you want to play starfield.

The best qualities to choose starfield

Regardless of the choice of background, starfield It also asks you to choose three traits for your character. These are actually more important than backgrounds because almost all of them have positives And Cons, and you can’t redeem or pick up new themes while you play. You can remove a theme you don’t like, but that means you have one less theme.

Anyway, here are some good things to keep in mind:

  • enlightened superscript or global superscript: These adjectives bind you to one of the starfieldMajor fictional religions. It is unique in that it does not have any downsides. However, all you get from them is an extra box full of some goodies. I should also note that choosing one means you cannot choose the other.

  • neon street mouse: This gives you special dialogue options in certain situations and unlocks some unique faction rewards if you want to continue with faction missions. This will also increase your crime bonuses from other factions, but if you never commit crimes, this isn’t a problem. It’s interesting that this feature exists in Neon City itself.

  • Sympathy: You get a combat bonus for making choices your fellow humans like, and a combat disadvantage for doing the opposite. It also opens up some special dialogue options that appear fairly frequently in my experience. Good for people who want to be nice.

  • Introvert or extrovert: These two opposing traits are simple enough. Extroverts use less oxygen when traveling with companions and use more when alone. Introverts are the opposite.

  • Hero Worship: A strange-looking man who is obsessed with you will follow you and bring you gifts. The downside is that the weird looking guy is annoying. I mostly include this because it’s funny.

  • Alien DNA: You can gain maximum health and oxygen at the cost of healing items being less effective. This defect can be eliminated by placing skill points in the correct parts of the tree.

  • childlike stuff: Your parents are alive and you can visit them! However, you are also required to send them a small amount of money each week.

  • dream house: You are given instant access to a large, customizable house with plenty of storage space for the trash you don’t want to carry around with you. The difficulty is that you have to pay a £125,000 mortgage or you will be banned from the house.

Trait picking can be a cause for concern, but some downsides are clearly far worse than others. For example, you would never conflict with empathy flaws if you were only kind to people. Introverts and extroverts can also avoid flaws entirely by using (or not using) companionship.

And hey, those glitches can make your experience more interesting! Just try them. It can’t hurt.

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