Best rod and tackle setups for pond fishing

Best rod and tackle setups for pond fishing

Pond fishing from shore provides a unique fishing experience that harkens back to the roots of many anglers’ early fishing days. Wired2fish contributor Kyle Wood shares his top 5 pond fishing rods and lure setups for catching bass, panfish, and even catfish. *Product links below.

The Spinnerbait

A spinnerbait is at the top of Wood’s list. Spinnerbaits excel because of their ease of use, weedlessness, and fishability at various depths. Wood discusses spinnerbait selection criteria such as blade configurations and colors.

Blade dance

A bladed/vibrating jig works roughly second to a spinnerbait and shines when there are fewer snags. Like spinnerbaits, ChatterBaits are available in different sizes and colors, allowing you to catch fish at a range of depths. The strong flash and vibration also helps attract lures, which is a big plus in dirty water.

Zigzag bass jig

When the situation calls for a more measured approach, Wood turns to a compact tool. He prefers a versatile casting jig that is able to swim, flip or work across the bottom.

Light spin setting for panfish

The ponds provide excellent opportunities for many species of panfish. For this reason, Wood includes a lighter spinning tool in his arsenal. Ideal for bluegill, crappie, and even small bass baits, a light to medium-light spinning setup is a must when small baits and accuracy are needed.

Catfish rod

Woods always packs a rod capable of doing battle with bristly creatures. Channel cats, common in many ponds, are powerful fighters and provide plenty of action. The powerful casting setup with strong braid allows you to fish a variety of live and cut bait.

The wood emphasizes the fun and simplicity of fishing in ponds from the bank. From spinnerbaits and vibrating jigs to specialized rigs for panfish and catfish, you can confidently approach any pond and take advantage of some excellent multi-species fishing.

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