Best Magic: The Gathering Deals for Cyber ​​Monday

Best Magic: The Gathering Deals for Cyber ​​Monday

Best Magic: The Gathering Deals for Cyber ​​Monday – Polygon

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Magic: Gathering He’s having a big year, saving Hasbro’s bacon once again with hits like The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth. However, the annual volume of new collections does not always mean good discounts on Cyber ​​Monday. But that’s not the case this year, especially when you look at the price history of these funds online.

Phyrexia and Dominaria form the core of this year’s savings. Each of the many 2023 collections comes in settings with some deep cuts from the classics Charm knowledge. If you are just starting out with Charm Or looking to get a gift for the beginner in your life, you can’t go wrong with this Tales of Middle-earth Beginner’s Kit. It’s secretly one of the best introductions to the popular trading card game, making it an absolute steal at $23.95 (down from the regular price of $35.99). For the more hardcore fans on your shopping list, get them something fun like this Doctor Who-themed four-story Commander pack. The original price was $249.95, and it’s now down to $185 for the holiday.

If you’re looking for other ways to expand your tabletop collection, we’ve rounded up the best deals on board games, more Dungeons & Dragons deals, and other discounts for Cyber ​​Monday 2023.

Booster boxes

Commander decks

Other MTG items

Card boxes and sleeves

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