Best gift ideas for home workers 2023

Best gift ideas for home workers 2023

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has ended, many workers have changed and decided to change their working hours to Work remotely from home. Now that Christmas With the holidays approaching, many of us wonder what gift to give someone who seems to have everything. If your friend or family member is among those who have chosen to work remotely… why not surprise them with The original gift Would that help them make their work-from-home experience more enjoyable?

In today’s article, we will present you with a selection of Christmas gift ideas for freelancers and remote workers. They are all useful and unique, and will become The perfect present For this holiday season.

FLEXISPOT Height Adjustable Electric Desk

Adjustable desks Makes great gifts for any remote worker. This allows you to work while sitting and standing thanks to the convenient hydraulic system. This helps avoid one of the main enemies of any freelancer: spending hours and hours sitting in front of a computer. Among the highly recommended options is this Flexispot adjustable desk. It enables you to adjust the height of your desk from 23 to 50 inches with just the push of a button. Additionally, it comes with official certifications proving how to reduce any worker’s fatigue. Get it now with 28% discount!

Portable laptop stand

Working with a laptop on a desk is not always easy. Not placing the monitor at eye level may cause you to arch your back while typing, which can lead to a lumbago Long-term damage to your neck. To solve this problem you can use Laptop stand. They come in all shapes, sizes and prices, but we recommend this convenient accessory she created i.e. Todos. It’s extremely lightweight because it’s made of aluminum alloy, features non-slip bars to keep your computer in place, and is designed to prevent your laptop from overheating.

SIHOO ergonomic office chair

Working from home involves spending long hours sitting in front of a computer. If you don’t want to damage your back (and butt!) while working out, you’ll need a machine comfortable, comfortable chair To maintain your posture. One of the best selling chairs on Amazon is SIHOO Adjustable Office Chair. Available in three different colours, this chair is incredibly easy to assemble. Featuring a comfortable upholstered seat and a breathable backrest, it is also… Perfectly adjustable to fit your body shape. Take advantage of this Christmas offer and get yours at a huge price 35% discount!

ASUS ZenScreen – portable USB monitor

Most offices provide Two screens per worker because it increases productivity significantly. At home, this is usually not the case. Why not get your friend a secondary monitor this Christmas to help him work remotely? the ASUS ZenScreen Portable Monitor It has an anti-glare screen 15.6 inches And with a decision 1920 x 1080 Full HD. This is the perfect choice for freelancers, as it is very easy to use with a USB Type C connector, takes up little space, is easily transportable and easily becomes the second monitor that many of us need for work. In addition, during the holidays, it is 21% cheaper!

Logitech M185 wireless mouse

Working with the wrong mouse can negatively affect us in the long run because it can cause us hand pain and even tendonitis. That’s why we’ve included this convenient gift among the best Christmas gifts for remote workers Wireless mouse from Logitech. It’s totally comfortableminute because of that 1000 dpi optical trackingIdeal for working on both desktops and laptops.

Logitech Signature – Wireless Keyboard

As with a mouse, to work efficiently without suffering wrist injuries or the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome, you’ll need to use a good keyboard. A great option is the comfortable LAugtec Signature K650 Wireless Keyboard. It stands out for comfortand includes A Wrist rest, hand palm And a Deep padded key system For a consistently enjoyable writing experience. Get yours today!

Portable charging station

A wireless charging station is an incredibly useful item for any remote worker. It allows you to easily Charge all your toolsSuch as smartphones, smart watches or wireless headphones by simply leaving it on its surface. There are many models available, but for convenience, we recommend this one 3 in 1 wireless charger Compatible with iPhone Models 14/13/12/11/Pro/Max/XS/XR/X/8/Plus as well as with Apple watch Models 7/6/5/4/3/2/SE/, Airpodsetc.

Toshiba Canvio Partner 1TB external hard drive

Another perfect gift for any freelancer is External hard disk To create backup copies of all files stored on their computers. Despite the huge number of cloud services available for this purpose, there is always a sense of security when storing them on a physical device. We especially recommend it Toshiba Canvio partneran extremely lightweight hard drive because it just measures 2.5 inches. It’s fast, reliable and capable 1 TB.

Emeet 1080P webcam with microphone

Working from home almost always involves online meetings, so having a good webcam is essential. Although most laptops have a built-in one, it never provides good image quality. So why not make a good gift idea this Christmas? We recommend Amir 1080P webcam with microphone. This high definition webcam has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p Video and includes a microphone, making it ideal for meetings or creating streaming content. In addition, it is currently available on 30% discount!

Sony WH-CH520 wireless headphones

We end our selection of Christmas gift ideas with this Sony WH-CH520 wireless headphones. Not only them very comfortable Ideal for working while enjoying the best music, but it also provides… 50 hours of battery life. In addition, it features the DSEE (Digital Audio Enhancement Engine) system, which is capable of enhancing every piece of music, delivering stunning, realistic results.

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We hope this article helps you get all your Christmas shopping done. And remember, if you like what you read, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends on social media. Merry Christmas!

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