With pre-orders now available for the Vision Pro, the first accessories for the upcoming device are starting to appear. So far, both Belkin and Spigen have announced products related to the Vision Pro.

Vision Pro battery pack holder
Belkin worked with Apple to design a battery holder for the Vision Pro battery pack. At $50, the Belkin Battery Holder for the Apple Vision Pro is the only non-Apple accessory Apple sells for the Vision Pro at this time.

The Vision Pro battery can be placed inside the battery holder, which can be worn with a cross-body strap or a cable clip that clips to your belt or pants. Apple sells the accessory as an add-on for those who don’t have a pocket to put the battery in while wearing the Vision Pro.

Spigen has debuted the Vision Pro case that provides protection for the device when it is not in use. At $90, the Spigen case is more than $100 cheaper than the $200 Vision Pro Travel case that Apple sells.

Spigen Pro Vision Case
The Spigen case features a nylon exterior, leather carrying strap, and an EVA shell for protection. There’s a padded interior that holds the Vision Pro in place, as well as a secret AirTag compartment for tracking the Vision Pro. It also appears to have space for the Vision Pro battery pack, cable, and ZEISS lens inserts. The box is scheduled to be delivered between February 21 and 23, so it will not be available on launch day.

Spec Vision Pro Accessories
Other accessory makers like Speck have started teasing Vision Pro products from carrying cases to battery holders, so it won’t be long before we see a full range of Vision Pro accessory options.

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