Baldur’s Gate 3 players are divided over whether Aradin deserves sympathy

Baldur’s Gate 3 players are divided over whether Aradin deserves sympathy

The Baldur’s Gate 3 community is divided over whether or not the character of Aradin deserves their sympathy.

Aradin is among the most divisive NPCs in BG3. Players encounter the character in the first chapter, where he and his crew encounter a group of orcs in the Druid Grove. Depending on how things go, the adventurer may appear again in Chapter 3.

The division stems from several controversial points. Some players can’t ignore his bias when it comes to Tieflings. Others think he is too self-serving to be a good leader.

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However, there are also BG3 players who view Aradin and his band of merchants as being in over their heads. This thinking applies especially to the outcome of a particular story that does not end well for those in Aradin’s circle.

A Reddit user recently shared a Baldur’s Gate 3 screenshot of a scene that had them wondering what they thought of the NPC in question.

The screenshot pauses on Aradin’s moment of remorse, as he points out that Nightsong’s contract made no mention of any conflict with the Goblins. If he had known what to expect, Aradin said he would have prepared his crew better. “I can’t believe I feel so bad for this guy of all people,” the Redditor commented.

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A few other people chimed in to say they feel the same. One user set the situation straight by drawing attention to the fact that the cards were stacked against Araden from the beginning.

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“Imagine you’ve got a job as a Merc at Baldur’s Gate. Nothing too crazy, just find an artifact in an ancient temple. Grab the basics, pack some gear, a capable crew, and off you go… suddenly you’re stuck in a Goblin Cult-type showdown between some… Druids and Tiefling refugees, your Druid Guide is nowhere to be found and half your crew has been slaughtered.

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Those who have not met Aradin in Chapter 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3 seem to be more friendly towards him. One such response reads, “…I never told him where Night Song was. He’s a sympathetic emo guy. The guy just lost a bunch of friends, and the ones that survived are really messed up.”

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However, many fans say that they found Araden less likable when reunited with him in the third chapter. “Well, in the third act he might break into your hotel room and try to kill you in your sleep. At that point, I found him less relatable,” one Redditor wrote.

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Another comment in the thread shows how deep some people’s disdain for Aradin runs. “I hate Araden and I punch him every time in the Emerald Grove after the fight at the gate. He’s fanatical towards Tieflings, and he’s ultimately the leader of the group that killed themselves.

If nothing else, the differing opinions on Araden show the power of BG3’s award-winning storytelling.

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