Awards 2023 | Best Medium Fish Farm Support Vessel – Sun Little Glory – Southern Ocean Solutions

Awards 2023 |  Best Medium Fish Farm Support Vessel – Sun Little Glory – Southern Ocean Solutions

One of a pair of Australian-designed fish farm work boats built for two separate New Zealand salmon farmer owners.

The 18 x 10 meter high purpose steel boats are designed and built to handle a variety of fish farm support tasks. They undoubtedly do it very well.

“The boat design was developed from the ground up to be a flexible and economical platform for the aquaculture industry,” said Scott Kane, construction manager at Southern Ocean Solutions (SOS). Navy Bird. “It has a huge deck for its length and allows it to perform a wide range of roles. It is equipped with a large A-frame for heavy mooring work and lifting and transporting 10 ton concrete blocks. It has been a step change in efficiency in agricultural moves since it entered service.

Kane noted that the ship was commissioned during the latter part of the COVID-19 pandemic, which proved challenging for SOS. Also, since the vessel will be operating in a remote area, it needs to be as simple and robust as possible.

“The big driver for us right now is hybrid systems and alternative fuels,” Ken responded when asked about the trends currently impacting marine engineering. “Almost all of our projects for 2024 and 2025 are either hybrid-electric or methanol-powered, and all of our customers are striving to reduce their carbon footprints.”

Keane added that 2023 was a “very good year” for SOS and that 2024 shows even greater promise.

“We are almost fully booked for 2024 now with only two slots for small projects, which I think is an excellent problem for us,” he said. Navy Bird. “We are very optimistic about the future because there are a lot of growth drivers, such as modernizing older equipment, scaling it up for more marine conditions, and using new technology to reduce carbon emissions.”

Ken believes the aquaculture industry will be characterized by the advancement of operations into deep, cold-water marine locations. Businesses have also become very keen to be as sustainable as possible and reduce their noise emissions and environmental impact. To this end, hybrid electric vessels that are almost silent during operation are becoming available in sufficient numbers.

“We believe the same engines found in the aquaculture industry will feed the broader workboat industry in Australia in time as everyone looks to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and reduce emissions,” Keane added. “The newer tonnage also has significant advantages over paying large mooring costs for older ships.”

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