Once upon a time

I am not sure if it’s because I was recalling memories of some ,not so kind things my Father did to me while I was growing up yesterday. Or the fact that my son sent me this picture of my Granddaughter last night.   Or if it was the perfect storm of the timing of them … More Once upon a time

Practically Magic

I have scoured the earth looking for the right man. Okay, really I have stayed in the confines of the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin, but trust me when I say , that” feels” like the entire earth when  looking for Mr Right. I am not that hard to please.  I’m not.  Stop laughing. I … More Practically Magic

Sweet Cherry pie.

Recently a friend of mine came for a weekend visit.  She was feeling on the edge of destruction.  “Hanging by a thread” she said.   About to do something drastic in her life.  She wanted to run away , she couldn’t take it anymore.  Frazzled, strung out, stretched to thin, on the edge of a cliff, … More Sweet Cherry pie.