Atlantic Ocean: Scientists discover a giant body of water in the Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean: Scientists discover a giant body of water in the Atlantic Ocean

In a new discovery, scientists have discovered a huge, previously undiscovered mass of water in the heart of the planet Atlantic Ocean. extending from one end Brazil to Gulf of Guinea close West AfricaThis huge body of water, called… Atlantic Tropical waters are defined as ocean currents that blend seamlessly between different water masses along the equator, according to Live Science.
The discovery, published October 28 in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, represents the first recognition of tropical water mixing in the Atlantic Ocean, complementing similar phenomena observed in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Viktor Zorbas, a physicist and oceanographer at the Shirshov Institute of Oceanography in Moscow, stressed the importance of this discovery in completing the understanding of the basic water masses across the global ocean.
Far from being homogeneous, ocean waters form a complex tapestry of interconnected masses and layers, shaped by currents, eddies, temperature fluctuations, and changes in salinity. Each water body has unique properties, such as density and dissolved isotopes of oxygen, nitrates and phosphates, and is characterized by a common geography and history of formation.
Oceanographers use temperature and salinity charts to map the relationships between these biological variables, revealing distinct water masses. Tropical waters were first identified in the Pacific and Indian Oceans in 1942, and are characterized by temperature and salinity curves along constant density lines resulting from the convergence of northern and southern waters. However, this distinctive pattern was conspicuously absent in the Atlantic.
To locate the elusive body of water, scientists looked at data collected by the Argo program, an international network of automated, self-submersing buoys spread throughout the world’s oceans. Through careful analysis, the researchers identified a previously unnoticed temperature-salinity curve that runs parallel to the known curve. North Atlantic Central waters of the South Atlantic: tropical Atlantic waters.
According to Zorbas, distinguishing tropical Atlantic waters from other masses requires a dense network of vertical temperatures and salinities covering the entire Atlantic Ocean. Now that this body of water has been identified, it promises to enhance scientists’ understanding of the complex mixing processes taking place in the oceans, which are critical to the global transport of heat, oxygen and nutrients.

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