Asus announces two new OLED displays with a refresh rate of 480 Hz to cover games at 1080p and 1440p resolutions.

Asus announces two new OLED displays with a refresh rate of 480 Hz to cover games at 1080p and 1440p resolutions.

OLED displays are hot at CES this year. Asus has just announced three new OLED displays, two of which are capable of reaching 480Hz refresh rates. Like LG, Asus has a 32-inch dual-mode OLED display that can deliver refresh rates of 240Hz at 4K, or 480Hz at 1080p. Asus is also announcing a 27-inch 1440p OLED display capable of running 480Hz natively.

The dual-mode ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDP gaming monitor can switch between 4K 240Hz and 1080p 480Hz “at any time,” according to Asus. That is, if you want to play something like this Monitoring 2 or Valuation At high refresh rates, you can switch to 1080p mode, and reserve 4K 240Hz mode for ray-traced single player titles.

Asus’ latest OLED lineup
Image: Asus

If, like me, you’re more interested in 1440p resolution right now, the ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDP offers up to 480Hz refresh rates in a flat 27-inch form factor. This appears to be the first 1440p 480Hz OLED panel announced at the moment, after LG Display revealed a 480Hz OLED panel ahead of CES last week.

Asus also has a new 39-inch (3440 x 1440) OLED display with a frequency of 240 Hz. The PG39WCDM is a power-curved (800R) model with a peak HDR brightness of 1,300 nits, and it also has a built-in KVM so you can control two devices with a keyboard and mouse.

All three of Asus’ latest OLED displays feature the company’s third-generation panels, with 30 percent improvements in peak brightness, 20 percent viewing angle improvements, and more anti-burn-in safeguards.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any pricing or release dates for these three new OLED displays. This is especially disappointing considering that Dell just unveiled its new 360Hz Alienware 27-inch 1440p QD-OLED gaming monitor that will launch on January 11 for $899.99. Dell also has a 32-inch 4K 240Hz OLED version that will launch on the same day for $1,199.99.

All three new OLED displays join the 32-inch PG32UCDM 240Hz 4K OLED display that Asus announced last year. Asus hasn’t shipped the PG32UCDM yet, and is already announcing the successor to the PG32UCDP today. The PG32UCDM has a second-generation QD-OLED panel, so it may be worth waiting for the third-generation PG32UCDP WOLED model to arrive instead.

Either way, we still don’t know exactly when either of the 32-inch OLED displays will ship. Asus says the PG32UCDM will ship in the first quarter of 2024, and the PG32UCDP will follow in the second half of 2024.

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