As of September 1st, ASUS has officially acquired the NUC brand and family of products from Intel. According to the previously announced agreement between the two companies, ASUS becomes the de facto successor to Intel’s NUC business, assuming support obligations as well as a non-exclusive license to build more new urban communities. ASUS’ newly introduced NUC series in turn features a diverse range of NUC PCs and computing components aimed at meeting a wide range of needs, from business to gaming and beyond, all powered by Intel processors.

“Starting September 1st, NUC has become a proud member of the ASUS family of products, embarking on an exhilarating journey forward.” Read ASUS statement on Twitter. Dive into NUC product details on the official ASUS website.

ASUStek’s embedded NUC offerings are designed for a wide range of usage scenarios, including typical home or office productivity, gaming, high-end computing, business applications, and even professional. ASUS also plans to continue providing NUC compute items for customized commercial applications.

Although ASUS has the rights to offer NUC PCs based on 10y11y12yand 13y Core Generation CPUs All systems on the ASUS NUC website are powered by 13th Generation “Raptor Lake” Intel Core processors. As mentioned earlier, ASUS’ agreement requires them to continue to support older communities (including hardware replacement, as warranties dictate), but is not required to sell older new communities.

Anyway, with Intel 13y With Core CPUs out of production for a year now, a change in ownership is as good a time as any to tidy up the production line. Although like similar business deliveries in the past, this will not be an overnight change; None of the ASUS NUC devices have the ASUS logo, and at least one device still has the Intel logo.

ASUS took over the NUC line after Intel decided to move away from the segment in mid-July. The two companies signed a non-exclusive agreement, which allows ASUS to manufacture existing NUC models and develop new ones, but leaves the NUC’s doors open to other PC makers. At the same time, being one of the top PC manufacturers, ASUS is uniquely positioned to manage this line of products on a large scale.

Acquiring the NUC family of products from Intel makes a lot of sense for ASUS, which has been losing market share in recent years as it tries to focus on profitability. By acquiring Intel’s NUC business, ASUS is well-positioned to increase market share, while giving the NUC concept a new lease of life from a manufacturer more directly tied to the pre-built PC market.

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