Are Delaware and Michigan better fishing states than Louisiana? This fishing site thinks so

(My cost) – It’s no secret that one of the best reasons to live in Louisiana is fishing. Some of the best saltwater and freshwater fisheries on the planet are found here.

But, according to the nationwide fishing guide booking site, Sportsman’s Paradise isn’t even among the top five states in the country for fishing.

in New study Through the website fishingLouisiana is ranked as the seventh best state in the country for fishing, up from ninth last year.

FishingBooker calls itself “the world’s largest platform for connecting anglers and fishing guides, with more than 43,000 fishing trips available in over 2,100 destinations worldwide.”

“Our extensive research into hunting opportunities in the United States was based on 17 different criteria,” the study said. “Of these criteria, five were based on FishingBooker’s internal data from hundreds of thousands of fishing trips, reviews and reports, as well as our industry research.”

The remaining 12 criteria come from publicly available data sources. The study classified the top ten countries as follows:

  1. Alaska
  2. Florida
  3. Delaware
  4. Michigan
  5. South Carolina
  6. who
  7. Louisiana
  8. Hawaii
  9. Georgia
  10. North Carolina

“The Pelican State had a strong performance overall, achieving the best results in both geographic and fiscal categories,” the study said. “In other words, going fishing here will be great but it won’t break your budget! With endless swamps and uniquely rich inshore waters, it makes sense that the Bayou State would be on this list.”

Alaska moved into first place this year, up from fourth place in 2023. Last year’s joint winners were Florida and Michigan.

According to the study, Alaska took top honors for having the longest coastline in the country (about 33,900 miles) and more than 94,000 square miles of fresh water at fishermen’s disposal.

“According to our research, nearly 60% of Alaskans hold a valid fishing license, which says a lot about the amazing fishing that locals and visitors enjoy,” the study said.

The study recognized that Louisiana has some of the best fishing areas in the South.

“The numbers of redfish, black drum, speckled trout, and flounder are amazing, and large specimens are almost always available,” the study said. “Get out into the bay, and you’ll find Red Snapper, huge Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and Billfish.”

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