Apple’s Stolen Device Protection feature is now available. Here’s how it can help protect your iPhone.

Apple’s Stolen Device Protection feature is now available.  Here’s how it can help protect your iPhone.

Apple’s new stolen device protection feature is now available to all iPhone users after the company released a Preview the security procedure Last month.

The iOS 17.3 update is designed to protect users from phone thieves who have obtained the device passcode, giving them access to a wide range of iPhone users’ personal information. Apple developed the feature “as threats to user devices continue to evolve,” a company spokesperson told CBS MoneyWatch in December.

What does Stolen Device Protection do?

Apple says Stolen Device Protection mode adds an extra layer of security when someone uses their iPhone away from home, work, or other familiar locations and helps protect their information if their device is stolen. Specifically, it requires Face or Touch ID to access certain phone features.

“These requirements help prevent anyone who has stolen your device and knows your passcode from making important changes to your account or device,” according to Apple.

For example, the feature requires Face ID or Touch ID to access the wallet and stored passwords — a passcode is not enough. This ensures that only the phone owner can access these functions. It also activates an hour delay if you try to change your Apple ID password.

“If your iPhone is stolen, the security delay is designed to prevent the thief from performing critical operations so you can mark your device as lost and ensure your Apple account is secure,” Apple said about the improvement.

Why should you activate it?

Stolen Device Protection is designed to prevent thieves from using passwords stored in your Keychain, effectively allowing them to impersonate you. It also prevents fraudsters from making purchases using saved payment methods.

Additional authentication is also required to turn off Lost Mode, erase settings and more features which could have serious consequences if they fall into the wrong hands.

How to turn on stolen device protection mode

Click on the “Settings” box of your iPhone, then scroll to the “Face ID & Passcode” section. Enter your passcode, and activate the “Stolen Device Protection” option.

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