Apple Vision Pro review – MacRumors

Apple Vision Pro review – MacRumors

The first reviews and unboxing videos of the Apple Vision Pro were shared today ahead of the mixed reality headset’s US launch on Friday.

Apple Vision Pro at Steve Jobs Theater
We’ve collected some videos below from popular YouTube creators and reporters, including Marques Brownlee, Joanna Stern, and others.



the edgeNilay Patel:

There are a lot of ideas in Vision Pro, and they’re all executed with the kind of thoughtful intent that few other companies can ever deliver, let alone a first iteration. But the shocking thing is that Apple may have inadvertently revealed that some of these basic ideas are actually dead ends, and that they can’t be implemented well enough to become mainstream. This is the best headset for video passthrough ever, and that could mean that camera-based mixed reality passthrough could just be a road to nowhere. This is the best hand and eye tracking ever, and it looks like the mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen will remain unbeatable for years to come. There’s so much technology in this thing that it feels like magic when it works and completely frustrates you when it doesn’t.

The Wall Street JournalJoanna Stern:

Apple’s headset has all the characteristics of a first-generation product: it’s big and heavy, the battery life is poor, there are few great apps, and it can be buggy. And come on, have you seen what this thing I look like?

However, a lot of what the Vision Pro can do sounds like science fiction. I switch apps around my home office. I have several virtual timers hovering over my stove. I’m watching 3D images of my baby petting a llama. It’s the best mixed reality headset I’ve ever tried, and it’s far more advanced than its only real competition, the much cheaper Meta Quest Pro and Quest 3.

These companies know that these are not the devices we really want. They’re all working on building virtual experiences into something that looks like a regular pair of glasses. Until then, they’re just messing with our heads.

CNETScott Stein:

The first thing I noticed about the Vision Pro on my first demo was how good the displays were. The per-eye 4K micro-OLED display technology that Apple uses is essentially the “retina” moment of VR and AR. It’s vivid, rich in color, HDR, and absolutely stunning. Not only is it good enough for movies — something Apple constantly touts — but it’s better than any TV in my house.

Tom’s guideMark Sponior:

As for endurance, the Vision Pro’s battery is rated for two hours of general use and 2.5 hours of video playback. In my on-and-off testing over two hours, the Vision Pro’s usage dropped to about 60% and then dropped to 40% after another two hours.

If you want to use the Vision Pro continuously, you can always connect the battery using the included USB-C power adapter. Competing mixed reality headsets, such as the Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro, have batteries built into the headset, which is more convenient, but also less powerful.

What’s in the box?

Besides Vision Pro, the following accessories are included in the box:

  • Light seal
  • Light seal pad (two sizes)
  • A solo cohesive band
  • Double loop band
  • Front cover
  • Batteries tray
  • Vision Pro Polishing Cloth
  • 30W USB-C power adapter
  • USB-C charging cable

Apple also released an optional Vision Pro Travel Case for $199. It features compartments for the external battery pack, ZEISS optical inserts, a fabric front cover, and additional accessories. Apple says the case has a fabric exterior with a protective polycarbonate layer, a soft microfiber interior, and a retractable handle.

Brian Tong Apple Vision Pro box and travel case
Apple said the Vision Pro will launch in additional countries later this year.

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