Apple today released the first developer beta of VisionOS 1.1 for the Vision Pro, and the update improves the appearance of Personas.

VisionOS prompt character 1 1

After installing VisionOS 1.1, Vision Pro users are immediately prompted to restore their character to get the “latest appearance updates” included in the update. Some users shared screenshots of their updated characters in Social media posts Today, new versions generally seem to be more detailed and lively.

Apple is still classifying characters as an “experimental” feature in VisionOS 1.1, and hopefully it will continue to improve the way they look over time.

Quinn Nelson characterQuinn Nelson is an old character

Updated Quinn Nelson figure (top) and original figure (bottom)

As a refresher, Apple says a persona is an “authentic spatial representation” of a person that shows their facial expressions and hand movements in real time. Personalities fill you in during video calls on the Vision Pro, since the headset covers your actual face. When you set up a character, your eyes are also captured for EyeSight, which allows others to see a view of your eyes on the Vision Pro’s external display.

In a support document last week, Apple offered tips on how to capture the perfect character.

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