Answering Bungie’s new Destiny 2 player survey honestly

Answering Bungie’s new Destiny 2 player survey honestly

Bungie is handing out one of Destiny 2’s player satisfaction surveys, a very common practice, but it comes at an interesting time with the current season’s story winding down and we have less than five months until The Final Shape’s release.

I didn’t get one, but a reader sent me his, and I thought it would be interesting to respond publicly with my own thoughts on the current state of the game. Well let’s go:

1. How would you rate your experience with Destiny 2 in the past week? – 3.5/5, fairly enjoyable

2. What did you like about the last week in Destiny 2? – Obtained Indebted Kindness with Pulse Amplifier and Voltshot.

3. What didn’t you like about the last week in Destiny 2? -The seasonal mission of patrolling the Dreaming City and doing more Blind Well operations was quite boring.

4. How likely are you to recommend Destiny 2 to a friend or colleague? – 3/10, Unbearable, after all this time I barely know where to tell anyone to start, and it’s very confusing and expensive for them.

5. How likely are you to play the next season of Destiny 2? – 5, very likely, I mean it’s me, and I always will be. Especially when it’s the final form and then the first episode.

6. Thinking about your last week in Destiny 2, which of the following categories best describes your character I love? Please select all that apply (There are 22 of them):

  • Gunplay/Combat Experience (called “feel”) – I mean the game always feels good.
  • Rewards (eg: Satisfaction with new armor/weapon to hunt, drop of desired weapon/armor) – Earned those owed kindnesses
  • Season Content (e.g. Exotic Quests and Seasonal Activities) – I’ve never played Coil and don’t need to now, but I enjoy running Legend Starcrossed for the catalyst at least once.
  • Subclass Changes (e.g. Void 3.0) – I’ve really enjoyed all of the 3.0 updates, and there’s nothing new like this week. Solar and Strand with their buffs have been a lot of fun this season.

7. Thinking about your last week in Destiny 2, which of the following categories best describes your character Dislike? Please select all that apply:

  • Appearance Cosmetics (i.e. not enough options or customization) – Things seem fine but the transfer rewards run out a month into a six month season which is still pretty stupid.
  • Lack of content (e.g. not enough to do, no new quests/events/maps) – which is not a reason to play. Not only seasonally, but there are no more real personal “objectives” here, such as specific weapons, items, gear, etc. I care about getting it. Nothing to chase.
  • Story/Narrative (ie. not enough or I don’t like the NPCs in the story) – I didn’t like this season’s “Getting to the Gate” storyline because we already know the end result and the path is just a bunch of nonsense involving wishes, cameos, and twisting lines, etc. It seems meaningless. The story missions this week in particular were bad.
  • Weaponcrafting (eg: grinding, materials, perks) – None of this, I just hate what the crafting has done to the loot hunt, which is an unpopular opinion apparently.

8. Did you interact with the Fireteam Finder in Destiny 2 (currently in beta) – Yes

9. Were you able to do the following using Fireteam Finder?

  • Found a group to play with – tried but didn’t work
  • Formed a group to play with – yes
  • Started an activity with the group you found/made – yes
  • Completed an activity with the group you found/made – yes
  • Completed more than one activity with the same group – No

10. Overall, how do you feel about your experience with the Fireteam Finder in Destiny 2? – 5/10, neutral

11. Tell us more about why you feel positive or negative about Fireteam Finder – I think it’s nice to have it in the first place, but for what I wanted to do, which was create the first dungeon encounter for my sidearm, using the web app on desktop was much faster than trying to do it with the Fireteam finder. Better for something like The Coil.

12. How easy is it to use the Fireteam Finder in Destiny 2? 4/5, fairly easy to use.

13. Based on your experience, how useful is having a Fireteam Finder in Destiny 2? – 3/5, somewhat useful

14. Based on your experience, which of the following best describes how you see yourself using Fireteam Finder in the future? -I can see Fireteam Finder as an occasional addon to external group finders.

15. How do you feel about the current state of PvP/Cucible in Destiny 2? – 2/10, not satisfied

16. How satisfied are you with the updates PvP/Crucible is currently receiving? – 2/10 dissatisfied

17. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements about PvP/Crucible?

  • I understand which Crucible playlist is best suited to my skill level – 4/5, somewhat agree
  • I personally feel motivated to play PvP/Crucible – 1/5 Strongly disagree
  • I have a positive experience playing against other players regardless of their skill level – 2/5, somewhat disagree
  • I have to play PvP in Destiny 2 to achieve my goals in the game – 3/5 Neutral (I had to play a lot of Iron Banner for those trinkets, for example)
  • My favorite PvP/Crucible mode is available to play repeatedly – N/A, this doesn’t apply to me
  • The rewards I earn in PvP/Crucible are worth the time I spend on the activity – 1/5 Strongly Disagree
  • I face my opponents to some extent in every match – 1/5 Strongly disagree

18. Where do you feel you fall among other players in terms of your skill when playing PvP – middle

19. How satisfied are you with the PvP additions for next season?

Relic – N/AI did not handle this feature

Checkmate – N/AI has not addressed this feature

Multiplexing – 3/10 Somewhat dissatisfied (everyone thought the Vex map aesthetic would be great but it’s not and the map is trying to do too many things).

20. Rate the desirability of the rewards you get from the following PvP playlists – (Skip all 7 options but only Trials and Iron Banner, really)

21. Rate the satisfaction of the time you spend to get rewards in each playlist – (Very unsatisfactory for everyone)

So, I focused heavily on Fireteam Finder, which I have a hard time replacing the faster, easier web app, but I understand why people like it. And a lot of PvP quests, as the game keeps struggling, but the main thing for me is that as a casual PvP player, I usually have no desire at all to play PvP unless there’s a reward to be had Like Iron Banner decorations. At this point, nothing will make me want to play Trials anymore, as this situation is getting worse and worse and more and more people are quitting the game.

Did you receive this survey with the same questions or different questions?

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