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Enterprise – The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has announced upcoming fall fishing opportunities within the Snake River Basin with the opening of the Coho fishery on the Grand Ronde River from September 1 to November 30.

Fishermen are allowed to keep two adult coho salmon per day, as well as up to five jack coho salmon. May be the maximum number of daily jack in possession.

“Although the season opens on September 1, we don’t expect to see fish until the end of the month,” said Kyle Bratcher, a fish biologist for the area. “Beginning next year, the regulations for coho fishing in the Grande Ronde will become permanent from September 1 to November 30,” Bratcher added.

Since the reintroduction of coho to the Lustin River in 2017, enough hatchery fish have returned to allow this opportunity for the fourth year in a row. Going forward, permanent regulations will ensure consistent opportunities for hunters, allowing for better long-term planning and reducing confusion among hunters.

Additionally, the ODFW reminds anglers that fishing for Chinook Falls is open in Snake River through October 31. Chinook fall yields are expected to be strong enough to allow fisheries within the Snake River Basin. For Oregon fishermen, getting to the fishery can be difficult as trips to Hells Canyon Dam or Dug Bar or on a jet boat are the best option. All anglers must use non-barbed hooks while fishing in the Snake River.

Finally, Steelhead Season is also open at the Snake, Grande Ronde, Wallowa, and Imnaha Rivers, and runs through April 30th. The Steelhead Race is gearing up to heat up in the lower Snake River, and the Steelheads should be hitting the Oregon tributaries soon. “We expect a similar return to last year,” Bratcher said. “Although Steelhead is not performing as well as we would like it to be, we continue to see sustainable catches and maintain high quality catches for spawning fish,” Pratcher added. Hunters can harvest up to three spawning steel heads per day. The Steel Wildhead must be released immediately and unharmed. Fishermen are reminded to check regulations before fishing because regulations may vary between bodies of water.

For all salmon and steelhead fisheries in the Snake River and its tributaries, anglers are required to obtain a Common Fishing Mark and a Columbia Basin endorsement.

Remember to always check for regulatory changes in season before you fish by visiting Recreation Report/Catch Report:

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