An artist spent 3 years drawing a map of the world with 1,600 animals

An artist spent 3 years drawing a map of the world with 1,600 animals

Wild World Map by Anton Thomas

Do you know what animal species are native to your area? Artist Anton Thomas has created an illustrated map that is both educational and stunning to look at. Titled Wild worldthis large-scale piece is hand-drawn in colored pencil and pen, and takes three years to complete from start to finish.

From American bison to Australia’s kangaroos, this map includes 1,642 animals across seven continents and the oceans that separate them. “I wanted to view our world through a different lens than we are used to. “A perspective that celebrates the magnificence of nature, the wild animals we share this planet with, and the ecosystems that support this diversity of life,” Thomas tells My Modern Met. “I was hoping it would help like… This map, if done well, will inspire curiosity and love for our planet and its nature. While also being an excellent educational resource.

To ensure the basic structure of the map was accurate, Thomas used a projection of the natural Earth as a template. He drew basic outlines of coastlines, rivers and mountain ranges, before slowing down to build his own artistic touch on the drawing. “I settled on three criteria that came to form the philosophy of the map. All animals are on Wild world “They are 1) wild, 2) native, and 3) extant and not extinct,” Thomas says. “Wild and domestic animals call only natural biomes – pristine habitats without domesticated or introduced species.”

Unlike many other maps, which emphasize national borders and city streets, this piece focuses on what makes our planet special: the beautiful diversity of nature. Thomas chose to draw existing animals only because he wanted to Wild world To depict our world as it is now that we need to care about. “This may seem like an ideal view of the Earth, but it doesn’t show anything that isn’t there,” he says. “I want this map to inspire hope and curiosity, to show how brutal our world is, and how much there is left to protect.”

You can purchase prints from Wild world Via Thomas online store.

Artist Anton Thomas spent three years creating this massive pictorial map.

Wild World Map by Anton Thomas

Titled wild world, It features illustrations of 1,642 animals from every continent and ocean.

Wild World Map by Anton Thomas

Each element is hand drawn in pencil and colored pen.

Wild World Map by Anton Thomas

Anton Thomas: Website | Instagram

My Modern Met has granted permission to display photographs by Anton Thomas.

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